Things I’ve noticed while playing. Have you noticed anything?

I’ve noticed many people saying different things about game play. Some examples are
*farming locations
*training camp stats
*this persons statistical chart vs. that persons.

I think a lot of them are correct but there are things that they did not calculate when collecting all that data.
One BIG calculation that was missed is what level ((not what Providence in the game they are on but their actual level in their profile that they are)) they were on in the game when they collected all that data.

Example: a level 39 will have different data on collecting items than another person at level 21.

*5 different people have tested this with their ALT accounts and it has been true. So wouldn’t hurt to try for yourself

*For my alliance whenever there is a sale using gems for battle items/contains titan energy flask. Our titan will escape. I’ve gotten perfect at telling when a titan will escape. Normally within the first 4-5 hours of a titans arrival.

*During the matching process for war my alliance ie each player seems to stay within a 50-100 cup rate when raiding but Only during the matching process and not when it’s time to set your defense for the war. I think it’s to make sure the alliance stays within the certain cup range the programmers need us to be in to do the matching. So we don’t even raid and don’t waste flags while this is in progress and it was been working fabulously. You should try it and see if it works for your alliance.

*My own chart farming at level 30 does not match my charts farming at level 39. Which means when you level farming is going to change.
Sure there were an update or two but my chart at level 38 doesn’t match with my level 39 chart either and there was no update during that time.

These are just somethings I have noticed while playing. I would say chart your own stuff and your own runs because someone else’s 1000+run on 8-7 at level 30 is going to be different from someone else’s 1000+run on 8-7 at level 39.

anyone else noticed anything while they are playing or even have some tips to share? I would love to hear them.

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I always know when a semi-major update is being worked on, or imminently arriving. The game starts mis-behaving; losing the connection, closing during play (especially during titan battles grrrr). Some of our members also notice missing gems, missing heroes or troops from the summons. Coincidence perhaps, but always seems to happen shortly before an update.

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Yes, good point. We have to make some assumptions when trying to draw conclusions from any data we collect since we have a very limited sample size. One thing we have to assume is all odds are the same for all players at all levels. The most obvious place where this assumption fails is food drops from raid chests. @Revelate found that food drops were tied to food storage levels. A big question is where else are odds influenced by player “progress”.

The skeptic and pessimist in me believes the devs may have algorithms in place to change odds to maximize player spending. For example, I have finally started to level up some of my troops and the troop drop rate data I have collected indicates worse troop drops rates from farming now. What explains this? Small sample size? Drop rates changed with update? Reduced drops to entice me to spend money on troop rolls for my final couple levels? Algorithms like this would be very effective in increasing spending.

Another hypothetical, if you have a player that doesn’t farm much but gets a 5* hero and buys trainer packs to level them up how do you leverage this to make money? You increase their odds to pull 5* and HOTM so they spend to lvl them up.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I’m becoming a bit frustrated with this game. I wish the devs would just come out and give clear info about odds, even in vague terms (same for everyone, same every day of month, etc). But their failure to do so reinforces my belief that algorithms to maximize player spending are in place.

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Yes to maximize spending this is a game and they want to make money that’s your answer very simple. But there are ways to tweak spending as well.
If people stop spending they will change it to entice spending or improve the game with an update to improve and when spending improves send an update to change it again. They have to make money some how.

I want @Revelate
To see this tread especially this part.
Troops- I’ve found a huge troop increase when you do the fallowing and let me explain why first.

When farming you probably use your strongest team. Probably don’t use Autoplay.

However, you will have a higher troop & hero drop rate if you don’t use your strongest team for farming. If you use hero’s that aren’t fully ascended or at 8/8 special you have a higher chance for troops and hero’s. I’ve tested this theory and so far at level 37,38 & 39 my drop rate for troops and hero’s has increased by 50%.

In theory troops and hero’s are needed to level up and if you are using your strongest team you don’t need those items so instead you get ingredients kits etc etc. To the computer you do not need troops or hero’s.

Now, change team when farming to non fully leveled or ascended hero’s and the computer thinks you need troops and hero’s so the drop rate WILL increase.

Autoplay. My charts have all shown the same results and that is you get more everything when you use Autoplay. On all my charts doing 8-7 10times without Autoplay and then another 10times using Autoplay the entire time there was a large difference in the amount of food iron hero’s and troops. You can try that out and log for yourself to see.


Also, when training on a day war matching starts war prep and sometimes even during the war I’ve noticed that
Training anything that takes less than 1 day while war prep & matching is going on the chances of you getting a 2* hero is reduced to 20%. Unless you were already training a hero before it started. This does not apply to training that last more than 3 hours. Or was started before war matching and prep has started.

I’ve been Charting training since before the war first began and this pattern has happened every time but only
Under Training options: 2,4,5,6,7,8,& 10.

I can only assume it’s to not be able to level hero’s quickly or the power of them and change the matching process.

Again you can test this yourself and log results

Does that make sense?

The only problem I see with ALL of this is that you are using your OWN data to draw general conclusions about the game. While it wouldn’t surprise me (at all) if SG were adding/subtracting and/or tweaking algorithms to maximize company profit, I find it hard to accept conclusions based off of one players charts/observations, RNG being what it is. I mean, it’s completely possible to flip a coin 10 times and get heads every time; but this does not mean I would read any meaningful conclusions from it…But your hypothesis gives us all something to consider. Cheers!

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Ok give me a few mins to play 5-8 and I’ll show you

Very interesting ideas, and it’s possible that’s the way it works. However, you must keep in mind that you need hundreds or possibly even 1000+ data points to prove anything conclusively. In your comparison you mentioned running 8-7 10 times with and 10 times without autoplay. You would need to run more like 1000 with and 1000 without to confirm that claim being anything other than just RNG.

This is my calculated troop exp per world energy over the last 1000 runs of farming the same level.


Each data point is an average of 50 runs. You can see how if you only compared 100 runs it would be possible to have 50 showing a value above 6 and 50 below 2. It seems that the average is trending downward, but even 1000 data points isn’t enough to conclusively prove it. I may have just been extremely lucky my first 300 runs. In statistics, we would have to run a p-value check to see if the difference is significant.

@badassninjadad Unfortunately this is the best we can do =\. If we aggregate data in a megathread we have reporting bias (people more likely to report good/bad results, skewing data).


Ok I had a feeling people would be skeptical so I took screenshots of the date and time. So 10x I played 5-8. And of those 10 times I got 8 hero’s. But first I will show you my strongest team and that I wasn’t using them. I was using 1 hero that was 7/8 on special it was squirrel rabbit . The time stamp is in the photo as well


All with time stamp and not using my strongest hero’s.

That chart was collected at different levels not everyone is or was the same level in the game as you. Which your level plays a huge factor in. But I have included screenshots of just 10 runs but I have done many many runs and even though you might not agree I strongly suggest you try it or even add that into your information because as you can see from all those screenshots it’s clearly working and you didn’t take into account which team you used the entire time. If you used all strong fully ascended or special reached than it’s going to be a lot less

Thanks for the idea! It is no extra effort for me to change my team around to include some unmaxed heroes and low level troops for future runs. I’ll keep track for a few hundred and report back if anything changes.

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Thank you for keeping an open mind. Use only 1 Non fully leveled or non full special ascended hero on the team at 1 time. I do not have enough data for doing more than 1

I’m willing to try (just about, lol) anything…so I’ll give it a go and see how it works for me. Even if I get negative results, I appreciate you taking the time to share new ideas and tips for our beloved game :slight_smile:

Player level does have an effect: you get more world energy. But that’s about the only known effect.

Keep in mind that when registering data over time, more variables than just player level can and will change. In particular game version, for longer datasets.

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Your idea is not crazy - it’s plausible - but you’d need to post actual data, not just make assertions, for your case to be convincing. As matters stand you’ve just told a good story.

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Since recently starting to use autoplay for farming (why on earth haven’t I done that sooner?, I have indeed seen a notable increase in troops and heroes being dropped.

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When Revelate and I last tested 8-7, we ran it over 100 times. Even that is a very small sample size.

I’m not saying “don’t run it,” I’m saying “run it a whole lot more before you draw conclusions” :slight_smile:

Like I said all of you ((since everyone is a different level in the game)) do test runs with it and see for yourself. I would log the results so you can actually see it. You’ll be surprised! Side note:When collecting data for your logs it’s important to remember
1.what level you were the entire time you were collecting the data, everyone seems to leave that out.
2.were you using your strongest team the entire time.
3.Did you change your team or troops at any point while logging the data
4.Did you level up at any point when collecting the data
5.Did you use 1 hero on the team that wasn’t fully ascended or had an 8/8 special
6.Did you use Autoplay the entire time while logging data.

These are the reasons I said everyone should test run it for themselves. With one hero not fully ascended or have a special of 8/8.

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