Things I find odd

So I have an alt account, my defense team (which is basically my 5 best heroes). It’s (L to R) Brienne-Boldtusk-Cyprian-Chao-Greymane. All of them save Boldtusk are maxed. I’m ftp on the alt account and have pulled 8 4* heroes. Two Melendor and two Chao. That’s not even the thing I find odd. My greens are 2 Brienne’s and the before mentioned Melendor’s. I can’t pull one green hitter from all there is to choose from? It’s hilarious tbh. So here’s a new thread for us to post weird stuff (if there’s another one I apologize). Have at it everyone!

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There are 4 classic 5*'s in each color, for a total of 20. I’m missing four of them. Richard, Isarnia, Magni, and Sartana. Of the four, three of them are blue.

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To add to that weirdness, I’ve received 2 Sartana’s from TC20 on my main account. Pulls 24 and 32.

Up until about two weeks ago, I didn’t have any of the TC20 blues. I was really surprised when Thorne popped out. So, it was weirder before.

I have played since before HOTM were introduced. I have never yet pulled a single HOTM. (Further, aside from Gretel, I have never pulled an event hero.) Surely this is bad luck on a monumental scale. :grin:


That’s an insane amount of bad luck


So you are proof that mods don’t get special treatment :wink:


Exactamundo. :grin: :grin:

EDIT: I should correct myself and say, Mods don’t get special game privileges; we are like everyone else in that regard. But I have received some very nice T-shirts and stickers and things. :+1: :wink:


I hope I didn’t imply that you guys did get special treatment. I know you don’t :slight_smile:

I have my fingers crossed that you pull Kingston next month!(And that I pull him, too :stuck_out_tongue: )


After almost 20 months of playing I still don’t have Caedmon (and Gormek but it doesn’t matter here)
My alt pulle 2 Caedmons in first month


Happy anniversary @Radar1
I play since mid of 2017 and got my last regular 4 star I was missing just a few weeks ago…so I absolutely know what you mean :wink:


Last 6 TC20 pulls: 2 Friar Tuck and 2 Belith :joy: it’s like they force feed me green 3* heroes!

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I have played for 16 months now and the only HOTM I have is Aegir. He is in my ALT account. That one I never spent anything in. He came from an Atlantis pull and I got Hawkmoon then saw the bonus draw and Aegir popped. I didn’t really know tons back then. Now I love him. I also have NO event heroes in my main account either and again my ALT has one though it really doesn’t count. It is Vlad. He is not really a hero is he…LOL.
I have been pretty lucky with Atlantis 4* except Wilbur. I have all the other ones that I want. Triton was actually my 3rd 4* after Melendor and Kiril.
Maybe it’s time for me to get Kingston. I have saved up my EHT and I just got another from a titan chest last night (with a tome no less!) . Tempted to pull now but want to wait for Halloween though I think Christmas would be better with but I could really use Kingston. I only have Lianna and Kadilen for 5* greens right now and I do have Groot but he is 1.1 right now.

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TC20 gives us a chance to get 5* heroes. And I’ve gotten some. But it’s also given me Karil 5 times in 41 pulls, that’s 12% pull rate for Karil :joy::joy::joy:

TC 20 gives me too often Dawa…wish it would be Karil :pleading_face:

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The title is apt. I think most players who only have one account think the game is either rigged, it hates them, or they are just terribly unlucky.

It’s when you have two or more accounts that you start to see the oddities … like my 3 Sartana on one account and after 2+ years of playing, no Sartana on my other profile.

My one account usually has lots of battle items, the other one I can’t seem to get enough even though I play the game virtually the same on both.

On the other hand, when my husband freaks out about some weird randomness, I just shrug it off, knowing the game has built-in oddities!

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How funny. My old account at level 59 also missing Sartana and my new Level 36 account got 2 as well. Oh…wait!..maybe intended for new accounts???
I smell conspiracy

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Leveling up Boldtusk. First 10 spot - special skill levels up, second 10 spot - special skills levels up, third 10 spot - you guessed it the special skill levels up. I’ve never seen this. It’s awesome but it’ll never happen like this for me again. Special skill at 4 and haven’t even reach first ascension. Never gonna get this lucky again :joy: