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You can click on reset and choose gems or token. The gem cost seems to be 10% of the invested emblems rounded up.


so if you invested 135 emblems you need 14 gems to get 128 emblems back, right?

meaning for 500 emblems (a full 4*) one needs 50+ gems to get 475 emblems back to invest in the 5*. hmm… seems ok.

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On a Sigrunn 1* 2.20, it costs 1 gem until 1*+17 ( 17 emblems ) when it jumps to 2 gems.

On a Layla 2* 3.40, it costs 1 gem until 2*+7 ( 17 emblems ) when it jumps to 2 gems.

At 2*+9 ( 24 emblems spent ) it refunds 23 emblems ( 22.8 rounded up ).


Posting so I can watch this thread for more information as it comes to light.

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If you spend gems to reset a hero then you only get 95% of the emblems back. If you spend a reset emblem you get all the emblems back. As far as I know, reset emblems can only be found as loot, not bought.

I think the question was how many gems the reset itself costs when not using an emblem.

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Thanks, it’s quite cheap compared to other things in this game. My example cost 7 gems, but I would guess it’s really # emblems/10.


That seems to be the consensus so far, 10% rounded up.

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I haven’t given tokens to anybody I regret yet, and am not going to do a test like others did …

But I have seen the same dialog screen as above, and I interpreted the dual green buttons “Use 7 gems” and “Use Item” as indicating that you could choose whether to use gems or the reset emblem if you had both.

Thus resetting a maxed 5* hero (1505 emblems) at a cost of ~75 emblems and ~150 gems would be a far better use of a reset emblem than a 2*+9 at a cost of 1 emblem and 2 gems.

Next experiment: If you feed a hero who has received emblems (Like the example of Sigrun or Layla by @Gryphonknight ) to another hero, do you get any emblems back?


There may be other info on this on the forum, but the only comment I personally recall reading so far was a speculative one:

I don’t believe 10% is completely accurate. To reset reset a level 2 panther takes 13 gems. I used 115 emblems (65+50) to get her to node 2.


Perhaps… 10% Rounded Up + # of nodes?

This would match your scenario of 115 emblems becoming 11, with 2 nodes reset = 13.

I believe that would actually equal 14 not 13

Hmm. Maybe 10%, rounded down, + # of nodes, then. :-p

That’s what my mind was seeing when I wrote that at least… Habit to speak of rounding up. BLAH!

Does anyone know the exact formula for the gem cost to reset emblems.

it seems to be based on the emblems used or returned but I am having trouble calculating a formula that works based on my extremely limited data set.

SO my Proteus +4 (90 emblems) cost 10 gems to reset with 86 returned
my Rigard +3 (60 emblems) Cost 6 gems to reset with 57 returned
Now my Athena +3 (165 emblems) costs 18 gems with 157 returned
I get you always lose 5% using gems but how do you calculate how many gems it will cost down the road.

Looks like it’s 11% ish.

I made a chart of the ones I know thanks to the help of many many people.

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