"They don't care about us." Do we care about them?

SGG isn’t a person. It’s a corporate entity - but the people who work there are just like us. Every day people who go to work and mostly try to do a decent job.

A lot of them are artists. Artists usually care about their art. A lot. Disproportionately to their compensation in many cases.

Working in a gaming company means deadlines, so this can sometimes limit the amount of time/enetery artists can devote to a project. It can be a grind and demanding. But even so, I feel the results - new hero art, building’s appearance - looks good to my eye. And the UI works very well compared to knock-off games I’ve seen. So good on them for succeeding under deadlines.

As someone who works in the arts, I think I have something of an understanding of that process.

So I empathize with them.

And I want to support artists so I do pay money to SGG for their content, happy to know that the entertainment I receive from engaging in the game is being paid for.

I don’t think I know anyone actually from SGG, but I wish them well and thank them for designing a game that has kept me entertained a LOT longer than any X-Man or Avengers or Star Wars series of films. And that’s saying something.


Interesting question @IvyTheTerrible

I think to some extent SGG has to “care” about the players. By “players” of course, I mean the “player base” - not us players as individual human beings. They need to care about keeping a player base that is happy enough with the product to keep playing, and to keep paying. That is the bottom line! Individual players will come and go - but they need to “take care” to keep a viable player base at any point in time.

I find it hard to “care” about something I cannot experience or visualise in some way. So I guess my answer is “no” on that basis. But I care somewhat about them as a collective, since I want them to continue to develop a game that, at the moment, I still love playing (well mostly).

To be honest though, I care more about my alliance members, and some folk on this community - including you @IvyTheTerrible as you have been kind enough to help me by sharing your time and expertise. I certainly care for @Jedon.



20 characters…

How 23 of us even commented on this… is beyond most people’s comprehension I’ll bet

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When the forum staff get involved, then the evidence suggests that people really warm to them.

I’m in a minority in that I’ve had (brief) face to face contact with staff via video, but the staff Appreciation threads and AMA attract plenty of goodwill.

This is a really good point. It’s harder to care for a business than a person. Even the guys in support are really friendly on a personal level if you put a little character in to your contact with them.

I work in law enforcement, specifically with high risk offenders. They generally hate the system with a passion, but they can engage with me as a person.


I have a hard time imagining that SG management and staff sit around talking about how they can screw us over. I do believe they discuss how best to make a hefty profit, give longevity to the game, attract new players and offer a game that is so compelling that people keep playing, buying and spending on it.


Wish the game wasn’t money hungry and mostly on favor of whales soo while i don’t necessarily hate them (yet) i wouldn’t help them either

Offers are not as good and keeping classics weak wont help any new player soo if thats not screwing people over idk what is

I’m a number with a credit card, that’s all they care about. SG is here for max profit, end of story. Anything they have ever done in this game is to that end. Any feature they have ever implemented was for bigger profits.

It may seem like they occasionally roll out a quality of life sort of feature to show “how much they care” about their credit card holders but it’s all smoke and mirrors. The bottom line of every single feature, redesign, quality of life change, or new content is profit.

I think every employee who has ever had even the slightest hand in designing this game should be ashamed of themselves. This game is designed to keep you losing and preys on people with gambling addiction. I think these people would take advantage of their own grandmas.

To answer the original question, hell no I don’t care about them. [Edited by Moderator to keep you within the rules.] :slight_smile:

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Pretty extreme over a game you are choosing to play. I sure you are out saving the whales when you log out huh.


I think the wrong player got flagged on here. When a player wishes for real people to suffer a slow, painful death, I’d say that person has serious issues. We all CHOOSE to play this game and if we become addicted it’s important that we reach out for help.

Wishing the makers of tobacco, alcohol, slot machines, chocolate … whatever, a slow, painful death doesn’t really help anyone deal with the underlying problem.


The negative opinion is permitted, provided it is given with constructive criticism.

I have edited the original remark to remove the statement blatantly against the rules.

@Prich543, Please look for the constructive criticism that you can give, otherwise this thread can be merged with similar posts.


Thanks for all your concerns but I don’t need help or therapy and I’m perfectly happy. I don’t have any gambling problems and I’ve only spent about 20 bucks on this game in the past two plus years of playing. Just the occasional mvp pass. I really enjoy the game, at its core. The game itself isn’t the problem. The design principles for making max profit at all costs is.

These game developers don’t force people to play. I understand it’s our choice to start but they are still preying on each and every person with gambling addiction or impulse control. Just like the local crack head drug dealer. They may not physically force drugs down people’s throats or shoot them into their arms but they are doing everything they can to get them hooked and keep them hooked.

Just like the friendly neighborhood crack dealer, I have no sympathy for these developers and hope karma comes around for them sooner than later.

What’s worse, the people who design this type of game you describe, or the person who ‘knows’ it, complains about it, and continues to play it?


So… the game can be played for a very long time, successfully, with enjoyment, with minimal real world cash investment - by your own experience… and you complain about it preying on people… but it gives the alternative option… Truly this logic is dizzying.


He only hangs out with the crackheads according to his statement. Since he has only done crack a few times in two years he cant be lumped into the rest of them because even thought the others have funded a way for him to remain here, he is not a junky unless he spends money. I think that’s what he is trying to say.

Your analogy to drug dealers is almost spot on accept for the fact that you are comparing habit forming drugs that cause the users significant harm once addicted to a video game that can do nothing if you dont play it.

Gambling at its core is a serious problem for some, the great Michael Jordan has a huge gambling problem, yet he still.managed to become a billionaire praying on peoples need to wear shoes and clothing, he must be a drug dealer also, not to mention that guy Bill Gates, making everyone have to learn tonuse his computers and stuff, and let’s not forget the guy who invented Facebook, that guy has ruined more relationships than anyone I know.

Just for living our lives the way we do other people get screwed. When someone buy something online from 3rd world countries unwillingly make harder the living of the local retailer who struggle with taxes and to keep the miserable work conditions in those countries. Moreover all the product distribution worldwide has a huge envoromental impact.

I don’t have any feelings towards them.

I’m writing this from a Samsung device.
I use several Google apps.
I drive a Chevrolet.
I buy a lot of products at Wal-Mart.
I’m wearing Nike shoes.

Do I have to “care” about all of them???

I work at another multinational car manufacturing company. Do all the costumers care about ME???

I don’t even know why I’m taking the time to write an answer here :man_facepalming:


I’d like to say no, but I’d be lying…

As @Halifax pointed out, coming from an artistic area, it’s hard not to empathize with other artists. We all struggle to make money.

They’ve hit the jackpot, how the company chooses to profit is not an artistic decision, but a financial one and employees need their jobs just as we all need jobs to live in this capitalist world of ours.

I was very glad when staff members @Na.na and @Kadath liked a comment I made on Neith’s thread. It means they look forward our feedback on their work and it is a good reminder there are actual people working to deliver these heroes, features etc.

Have a good week everyone!


Drugs can also be used successfully, for enjoyment over a very long time by certain people. Just because one guy can enjoy recreational drugs with no ill effects on his life doesn’t mean that drugs aren’t bad for the majority of people who are hooked on them or having their lives ruined by addiction.

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