"They don't care about us." Do we care about them?

Do you personally care about the SGG team? Do you think other players care about them?

I ask this question seriously; it’s just something I wonder when I read posts stating that SGG doesn’t care about us, the players, only the bottom line.

I feel that SGG is primarily profit driven, though the way that sentiment is expressed usually strikes me as hyperbolic. At the same time, I don’t think many players care about SGG - only that the game is good. And the truth is, I don’t really see a problem with that (though I can envision something I think is a better model).

Personally, I would struggle to make the case that I care about SGG. Let me put it this way: I walked to the grocery store earlier today and passed someone waiting at a bus stop. I would say I care about SGG the same way that I care for that person; I certainly don’t wish them ill, but I am not going to do anything to make their life better in any way - that can hardly be deemed ‘caring’ for someone.


SGG has provided a game that has entertained me for more than two years. I feel a gratitude to SGG that I don’t feel for some random person.

Sure I care for them. To the extent that I even care for them financially, buying the occasional offer. :wink:


Sg has allowed me to meet people from all walls of life and the world, and also to remain In touch with friends who live states away. I am very grateful for SG and some of the people they have brought into my life that I would not have met otherwise.


I can tell you, as a creator of some content myself (unrelated to the game whatsoever), you really care about people who enjoy it. You are happy when they are happy about the features you worked hard on, you are concerned when they are unhappy or didn’t like something.

Now also being in business as they are, it’s probably much harder. First of all, they need to please not only the players but also the management and shareholders. Second, it isn’t a one-man job to deliver a feature, and not a one-day effort to change it. Furthermore, not so easy to make decisions in an enviroment where you deliver to millions, and there will be always people who love it and who hate it. Likely you grow some skin with time not to get crazy. But I do personally think they care about the feedback, if not of any of the individuals then of general ‘‘public mood’’.

Do I care about them? Well that’s a bit inappropriate question I guess. Do I care about the baker who baked my bread? Do I care about the driver of the bus I’m in? Well not like I know them or am anyhow truly concerned about their wellbeing, but I don’t think you can say you don’t care about someone. We all care about other human beings, in a sense. So not sure where your question goes.


Excellent post! I would characterize my feelings for SGG in this way:
I am grateful for the excellent game that they have built. They did it with a small crew, which is a very difficult thing. Stardew valley was built by one man, and I respect it all the more because of it.
I buy many offers, and I am happy to feed their kids with my money occasionally.
However, they have made a significant amount of money. I say they’ve made enough money, and now it’s time to focus on rewarding the players who made it so.


The players love the game, SGG loves the game and everybody loves money.

Every non psychopath cares for everybody else almost as much as for themself.

So yes, I care for SGG like for everybody else and for myself.

SGG cares about our money and our excitement playing the game.

If they’d just care about money, they couldn’t have made the game that beautiful and I already played bad games with in-app purchases, which probably were created just to grab into people’s pockets.


I could say i care about them for as much as i want to have fun in this game.

To say it in another way, if their prosperity is equal to keep me having fun on empires and puzzle, i wish they always stay great and healthy.

So it is more a selfish wish for my own benefit.

If i have to care for them as people in general, i really hope for them that they don’t have the same behaviour besides their business.

Otherwise not, i don’t wish them a healthy and long life.
Not a premature death too of course, but just because it is not a good etiquette say so.

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Honestly don’t think about “them” they have a job to do like all of us. i only care about me and people I speak to as we are real! :cowboy_hat_face::v:

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Does the customer need to love a baker just because the bread tastes good?

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No, one hasn’t to love strangers, but one cares for them like all those other anonymous people on the web.

I don’t know any of you, but that doesn’t mean that you mean nothing to me. I know that all of you are real people and the same goes for people of SGG.


I’ll be brutally honest - to me SGG are showing through their more recent actions that they care less about delivering player focused content (AL etc) and more focused on making profit focused decisions. It is because of this my care for them is also declining as in this world of transactions when you show through your actions all you want is my money then why should I give you my love - I’m not a sugar daddy after all


That’s the motor of capitalism :wink:

True, but i’d rather buy a beer from a guy that actually cares how my day was than the guy that doesn’t care - unless the first guy has rubbish beer

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Well I’ve never even met @petri but I’d sure give him a hug, wouldn’t you? :grin: :hugs: #grouphug


SG is out to make every last cent they can off every player. That is their prerogative. I don’t think SG is particularly player-friendly or generous or loyal to players. In return I feel no loyalty to the company.


I think SG staff should write a personalized letter to each and all players who take up this game. Maybe , Xmas card style…” hey hope your enjoying GM Texas-great pulls “

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Caring about each other should be a basic human tenet. I don’t understand why we struggle so much with it.

Caring about corporations is a completely different kettle of fish. When the big companies of the world (Apple, Google, Amazon, etc) do everything in their power to avoid paying taxes then it’s hard to be a fan.
Not saying SG is in this boat but profit margin is certainly an incentive.

I like the game and have spent too many hours and money on it, but it is an enjoyable passtime. I’m also noticing that my MV is showing a lot of games with the same premise as E&P and that is the best form of flattery.


Caring about someone… there are 7k. Million people in the world. And overpopulation is the source of most of enviromental problems…

People usually prefer feeding street cats than old homeless people who lost their house due to bank cruelty.

Imagine yourself in a big city with stomachache and close to ■■■■■■■■ in your pants. You see a blind person trying to cross the road. Would you stop to help?

Probably most people would answer no. Because of primal own needs.

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@IvyTheTerrible, you didn’t wait and push them in front of the bus, thus bettering their life…also extending it, most likely?

I’m sure most players care as much about the SG team as other addicts care about their dealers.


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