They don’t care about you, or the game

Stop spending. You are the target audience. The player working their way up. You are interested in the game and you want to be taken seriously, you’re a competitor. You want a name for yourself, you want a spot at the table with the big names… it’s not worth it. Once you work your way to the top, and you can sit down with the big boys at the big boy tables, it’s over. It’s just over. There’s nothing more to work for. The developers don’t think about you, at all. Your investment is down the toilet. Their thought process does not include you. They only want to target the aspiring players. It’s a predatory practice and there’s nothing for you to gain to try and join the ranks of “top players” we are just suckers. It was a waste of time and a waste of money. There’s no integrity this game.


Feel free to quit at anytime.

No ones making you play. :slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed. And I wish someone would’ve told me sooner that my time and money is better spent elsewhere.

This is where you made a big mistake, thinking you were investing in the game. You are spending time and money to play a game (like people pay to have beers/cocktails). It’s expenditure for your entertainment. Time and money spent to enjoy yourself.

Once you stop enjoying yourself, it’s time to go. Leave the game, leave the bar, move on.


Except you would spend $50 at a bar, have a good night and move on with your life. The bar didn’t sink it’s hooks into you like this game does and charge you $800 rent monthly to keep up, only to rip the carpet away whenever it feels like it. Could be today could be tomorrow could be next week. They don’t care about you as a customer. They don’t care at all the money you spend. When you empty your wallet at a bar, you receive what you pay for. You know what to expect. You don’t pay $260 for high end vodka and receive cheap beer instead.


So as the bar owner… The only reason why he’s giving you good service and make sure you have good time is your money. Not sure what kind of treatment you expect, it’s not clear from OP.


Most bars don’t care about you any more than the game cares about you. And blaming the game instead of taking your responsibilities for having voluntarily spent on it, is like the alcoholic blaming the bar for drinking and spending too much.


Stockholm syndrome, google it.

Out of arguments, I see.


You cannot defend the business practices of this company unless you are flat out delusional.


I am not defending them, I did say they don’t care about you. I am just pointing out your arguments have no merits, and you fail to account for your own responsibility.

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Cool man thanks for your contribution.

Nah Stockholm Syndrome is me spending money to watch Scotland play football (soccer) at least I get some form of enjoyment from this game…


Say that to an alcoholic; they won’t tell you about being refused service or moan about cost too much… It’s a source of personal shame.

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I have stayed away from the forum mostly for the past year or two and I wish I would’ve continued doing that… It’s just impossible to teach people anything. I offer a warning and I’m going to sign off indefinitely. Reaching the mountain top is not worth it, I highly discourage an aspiring player from doing the thing. It will cost you thousands of dollars and countless hours of grinding and it’s just not worth it. Your time and money is better spent elsewhere. This company does not care what you put into this game. It’s just a black hole. They will rip
The carpet from you over and over again.


I found myself thinking I’ve spent too much to quit as it would be waste of my time and money I’ve spent.

So I’m carrying on as FTP.

I’m finding myself enjoying the game more and I found a low pressure alliance. It’s fantastic.


Ok, if there are people with the same approach as you, this might be helpful. But there are lot of us without the goal to reach the top, just to have a good time. And we’re ready to give some money here and there for that.


Lol. As if the forum users are not inundated with similar subject here in this very forum. I guess you’ll just have to quit playing the game altogether, silently, to the back door. Leaving announced at the front door just resulted to the several posts above.


Please make a last ditch effort signifying your white flag playing in Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]. Thank you.


And that leaves me with an epic resource glut. Unless you empty your training camps, what do you do if don’t want to spend $100 that they will just steal from you but need heroes to level?.

I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. As for now I have more than enough to keep me levelling for quite some time.

I’m not worried about it.

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