ThexSickxSidex is looking for active members, no cup or level requirements

New to the game and looking for a good alliance? Your current alliance not moving ahead as much as you’d like? Come join us at ThexSickxSidex, no cup requirements or level requirements. Just get your titan attacks in and do what you can in wars. We are pushing through the ranks, come be a part of it

Hey… i’m at level 10 stronghold right now. nearing the 2000 mark for my front team. produce 40k on 3 star titans, don’t know if damage is different on higher stars because my alliance doesn’t get them. my alliance is somewhat active but dead silent which is why i’m looking for something new. i led a win in the last war, fighting down to my scraps to make sure I got the job done. what rated opponents are you guys going up against? my B team is only 1300ish. Of course I only want to go somewhere where I can continue to be valuable.

We are hitting 4 star titans, we have been able to kill first every time, then second usually gets us, but we just took out a 3rd 4 star one yesterday. We would be glad to have you, chat is fairly active and we have been weeding out inactive players so we can progress further. We have no problem with lower level players (you’re right around middle of our group), all we ask is to get all hits in on titans and best you can in wars.

Damage on titans is a little different, but just like others the luck of the board makes or breaks you. Lol

Great. Thanks for the reply. If i’m in the middle it sounds like I’d fit in fine. It seems like a comfortable progression to go from 2 and 3 star titans to a group fighting 3s and 4s. Like, I couldn’t ask for better. :smiley: I’m excited. I’ll look it up as soon as my current alliance downs the active titan.

Sounds great! You are in top 1/3 for main team power and I’m sure you’ll get along great in there. Look forward to seeing you in ThexSickxSidex!

are you guys fighting a titan right now? or can you tell me how long until the next. I just received back one attack, so 8 hours from full. My alliance is sleeping today so it looks like this one will probably get away… but you never know… anyway, please let me know your titan status. maybe i’ll come over now.

Yea, we are battling a 4 star now, 280k and 6 just over hours left, so might lose this one. Still get ok rewards losing the 4 star though

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