These raids

I don’t get them one second you’re kicking their ones but then the next you can’t win. I usually know whether I’m going to win or lose within the first couple moves. It seems like the game already decided your fate before you even begin. How can I get my butt kicked by the same team twice and then kick their butt the third time or sometimes you just can’t win no matter who you fight.

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  1. There’s a wide variance in boards.
  2. Your heroes may not be very effective against a particular foe.

#1 is just luck; if you got dealt a bad board, play again. #2 is something you learn to spot and is half the challenge. What heroes have the best chance here? Rearrange or reroll.


I really wish I would have taken more time to understand #2 of @Kerridoc’s post MUCH earlier in the game. I call it Threat Assessment.
Who are you fighting and what do you have?
If you don’t have a de-buffer like Sonya, Caed, Sabina…enemy Riposters and the Boldtusks(Ares) are gonna eat your lunch.
No Rigard on your bench? You better reroll past almost every Colen you see.
There are exceptions to these ‘rules’ but paying attention to them will help you in Raids.
I’d add a #3 to the list: ‘Gameplay’
Are you purposefully playing tiles AND supers? I used to just be happy matching tiles and hoping for luck. Get a super and use it on the weakest enemy to wipe them. Now I don’t waste a super on an opponent if I can take them out with three tiles sitting under them. Should I skip this easy but weak color tile attack and instead try for a stronger match elsewhere in two moves?
Tons of things players can do to change the outcome instead of accepting defeat three moves in.
Good luck!


A whole new world opened up when someone showed me Ghost tiling. Shoot into the empty space where your enemy once stood; double your mana, do not fill your enemies’, kill kill kill.


These raids do not make sense. I went into my Watchtower and saw that I was raided and lost. I did a Revenge attack and the team that beat me was more than 2,000 power points less than me. The team consisting of five three star Heroes all the same color. I wiped out the whole team in a couple of moves. Now how can a team like that beat me in a raid?

They aren’t using the same team for offense and defense. Also, it sounds like they raided you to fill their chest now they are cup dropping so they can fill their next chest easily.


how can you use one team for offense and one for defense?

You have 5 team slots to fill with any heroes from your roster. You mark one of the five teams as the defense other players will battle when they raid you.

I typically have a team set up for defense, titan, map farming, raiding, and events. I regularly change them as well.

The problem with raiding, especially now that they have thought it a great idea to introduce “very fast” heroes is that a fast defending team is extremely hard to beat unless you get a monstrously lucky board. The mana recharge needs to be adjusted based upon hero setup. Otherwise it is just rapidly becoming an even more P2P game as most fast and all extra fast heroes are purchased… Good luck getting any in a TC20 draw. And extra fast are all HOM I believe, and thus P2P anyway. Look at most of top 500 or so teams. Most are littered with HOMs and 5 star fast mana hitters.

I think I realized the best way to raid in this game is just not to give a f***. And realize you might win and you might lose but it’s really not that much up to you there are some strategies you can use to help you win but ultimately it’s up to the game it’s either going to give you bored you need or not. We all had it where you do one or two moves in the game breaks out in the string of combos and you crush your opponent and we’ve all had it where you can’t get anything together and you get crushed. So I truly believe it’s up to the game whether it wants you to lose or not it will give you what it wants when it wants and the decision is really not up to you so just play for fun and don’t expect to win all the time just play for fun and win the ones you can


There are only two VFast heroes in the game, Gravemaker (HotM) and Jackal (current event). You won’t see many jackals on defense, and Gravemaker is rarely my biggest concern on a raid defense.

There’s an excellent series of posts about raiding in the top 1000 that I encourage everyone who cares about raiding to read. Or just stop taking raids personally and play around.


Yes but combine that gravemaker with the standard Linna, sartana, marjana, and a few other fast 5 stars on that team and before you get one special they are on their 2nd or 3rd…and thats with my team who utilizes 3 fast hitters on it. Im not even complaining about battling these teams, i just think the mana regeneration needs to be varied based upon the overall team speed.

But i agree with previous poster, at this point its just go in and hope for the best. Little has to do with skill in raiding and its 90 percent lucky board.

Here’s how I do it. Drop your defense team down to one guy and let yourself get beat by a bunch of people. Once you have very few cups you have easy pickings for raids with teams way weaker than you. Use the matchmaking system to fill a couple quests. Once your cups get back up to where you might lose, go into your watchtower and get revenge raids on all the weak teams that you used to drop cups with. Raid loot really sucks at any level so don’t worry about that part.

I would never attack a one-hero defense. I’m looking to fill my raid chest. If you’re going to cup-drop, at least put five heroes out for bait.


I don’t really get all the defense things and cup dropping I’m just trying to get up to the diamond level whatever that is

Regular Raid Defense: Your best defensive heroes (5), hoping not to be defeated

Cup-Drop Defense: A Defense actually chosen to lose part of the time, to “drop cups”, to lower you to an easier strata of players to beat so you can quickly fill your raid chest when you revenge with your actual, stronger team.

(If you make it too weak, you’ll lose far more cups than you want to!)

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Until they make the rewards worth it to stay in the diamond area, the cup dropping will continue. As of now the rewards in diamond arent any better than the others so why would people care about their cups. Although it begs to wonder why they are cup dropping to finish their chests as the rewards there are no good either…lol…

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Cup dropping is important. Learn raiding, rather than simply putting most powerful heroes in a row. Defense means far less now than it once did as devs tried to make adjustments to the game hurting cup-droppers which only caused strategy to get better. Read the raiding strategy posts and get better. That means more loot as opposed to cups alone.

These raids are such BS, you can tell when the game want you to lose. I’ll hit someone with something that would pretty much kill anyone and it’s like it does nothing it doesn’t miss it just doesn’t do any damage, it feels like they’re throwing rocks at me and I’m throwing marshmallows back and its really annoying and doesn’t seem fair

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