These 5 heroes are totally OP in V.Fast Wars


Its kinda obvious but I never thought about it earlier but 5 last HotMs (including Devana) are broken in wars.

How? First some numbers. mana speed need 6.5 tiles to charge what in practice means that you need 7 tiles to charge hero.

You can reduce it to 6 with 9% mana bonus, for this yo7 need one of these:

-4* mana troops at level 11

-4* mana troops at level 5 AND 2% mana bonus from talent path(not possible for all classes)

-4* mana troops at level 1 AND 4% mana bonus from talent path(also not possible for all classes)

Its fairly easy to do that for 1 or 2 heroes but harder for more and here comes our friends:
Malicna, Frosth, Yang Mai, Elradir and Devana

They are most important heroes in wars, why? Because of their element link. They are only hero in your team that need to have 9% mana bonus for wars.

You get 6 tiles, its nit enough to fire but you buffed your “main” hero so he/she can fire, next turn all your other heroes can fire because additional mana from element link gives you missing 0,5 tile.

It really make huge difference (at least for me), I hope it will be usefull for someone else.


You forgot the option of 5% mana bonus from costume and 4% from level 20 mana talent. This can put the right hero at 6 tiles baseline without a mana troop. Costume bonus and level 1 mana troop works well too. Yeah you are using a S1 hero to have a costume bonus and possibly even an emblemed 4* but it’s still pretty handy. My Dark team happens to end up with 5 heroes that all charge up in 6 tiles as long as I remember to assign troops correctly thanks to costume bonuses.

There are also other heroes that can give mana bonuses is various different ways. Alberich gives moderate mana every turn from his buff. Grimble gives everyone immediate mana bonus for each destroyed minion. Misandra gives all allies a small amount of mana for each additional hit. Any of these can do the same thing and Misandra and Grible would have the advantage of giving them the additional mana immediately so all your other heroes could use their specials that same turn. It is definitely one of those things you have to remember when dealing with Rush.

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I didn’t forget about 4% mana node but I did forget about costumes, thats good point.

Also I don’t have any heroes that give mana (except 3 out of 5 HotMs that I said about) so I forgot about them, thats good point to.

Does this make heroes like Alberich and Toxicandra more OP since they’re mana boost is not limited to a specific element?

I give you props for not taking this thread the direction I thought it was going to go!


I would say yes, no limits means more power.

Thing is you still need to play an extra turn after you fire those heroes in order to get your main stack rolling. And when you’re up against a sea of Alfrikes, sometimes you simply don’t have that one turn. For this reason getting at least 3 troops to lv 11 (or mana breaking your heroes with costume/talent bonuses) is still by and large the best option.

Also I was totally expecting this thread to be about

  • Alfrike
  • Krampus/BK
  • Mother North/Alby/Heimdall
  • Miki



What about the past hotm miki and Kingston also have a +4% mana generation on element link not sure of the other past hotm as dont have.
Elemental links stack if yah lucky to have both of the mana hotm gonna make yah faster.


Misandra will charge anyone who is at 6 tiles with 1 hit when she fires. I’ve used her with a blue mono team so only she needs a lvl 11 troops and would charge the rest of the team same turn.

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Seshat also boost mana generation by 4%, if I’m correct you would only need 4 tiles (and wait 3 turns) for second fully charge.

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The +mana generation buffs/elemental links aren’t nearly as useful. You get two matches (6 tiles) and charge up your 1 hero. You fire their special and get the mana generation buff. You still don’t get anything if you can’t trigger at least one more tile of that color and that 1 more tile still would have gotten them charged up without the mana generation buff. It only really helps you get your second charge.

The abilities that just give mana instead mean your specials are ready as soon as you hit the timing for that gifted mana. For something like Misandra or Grimble that is immediate if they meet the conditions to trigger the extra mana. Then you get the specials for the rest of your team. For the 5 HOTMs the OP mentioned it is at the end of turn so your specials are ready the next turn without having to get another tile match.

Only needing 6 tiles to get your entire team charged up is really nice and many people can’t accomplish that with 5x mana troops.

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I am in a rage inducing single player alliance war with a team consisting of 2 mother norths, alfrieke tank, costume hathor, and the blue astral elf and ive never been so angry while playing this game.i get them down to just 2 and then OF COURSE the entire team gets revived over and over again. Outside of tile luck, there is no way to beat this team.

Mother North used to be rage inducing 2+ years ago, but nowadays she can be dealt with by snipers, revive preventers or a combination thereof. Alfrike is more a liability than a threat with skill reflect, and she can be nullified with ailment immunity or mana control, and taunt is also a viable tactic.

Of course bad boards do exist and sometimes you can’t win no matter who you bring.

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Ive brought in all the neutralizers and deterents, problem being very fast wars and lack of good luck. With this set up set in VF you really need a lucky tile placement.

Attack another player lol
Very fast wars can be frustrating so opponent selection comes handy.
Of course sometimes there is no choice but to attack that undefeatable team and that stinks…

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I am in my own alliance, so i fight other single member alliances. My post was mainly venting, not asking for advice lol. I just did 3 hits and let them take the win.