There's a beast in the Raid Tournament [SOLVED]

the tournament just started not more than five minutes ago :open_mouth:


Aren’t we all glad they cancelled war for this?! :joy::scream::joy::scream::joy::scream::joy:


I was just coming to post this very same thing. I only got one fight in, servers reached capacity and when I log back in people have over 16k points? How.

It gets worse… check the defense of the second place player


I have checked this as well, they all have low level heros within , something is REALLY strange in here - that high amount of points simply is impossible. This is so rigged!

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4th place:

No comment…

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Just about to post the same… this is SUCH A JOKE :joy: They wanted to fix the issue by people getting double points… by giving them ten times the points instead? :see_no_evil:

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XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD that is all I have to say. Good job SG. Maybe hire some beta testers… And start listening to players…

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Explosely laughing

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Yeah, hiring some beta testers sounds like a great id- … Oh!


Great job. People spend a lot of embles to up 3* heroes and get good result and were f*cked up by the bug. jpg

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We are aware that there are some people at the top of the Raid Tournament Leaderboard with more points than possible. These players were shown the incorrect scoring amount when they finished. Their scores will be corrected soon.

We will update the status of this issue on the article below:


So if I want to get a high score, I should have put the weakest nonsensical defense team possible right?

That’s a relief. Thank you @J.o :slight_smile:


Wait… Does hiring beta testers mean that SG has to pay them for playing and searching for bugs? No way… Lets do it for free with players who pay us. XD


really anything this tournament … + bug starting with the servers, we several players in my team have lost strikes

What are they going to do with the players that do NOT have defense? Grant them the 500 default points of grade C?