There should be lore

There’s tons of characters but not much of a storyline. When the devs create characters I think each character should have some kind of story. Like when you click the full screen option and it tells you the title of the hero, like skittles being a bog witch. There should be an option to click and read about the characters a bit. Who’s related to who? Who’s friends with who? Who hates who? Kiril is missing an eye, was that because his drunken cousin Boril was mad that kiril “borrowed” his wife… lianna for a night?


Love this idea.

But I love fan ideas and fanfiction aswell, and pretending they’re true.

A little torn, but I’d most definitely appreciate this feature if it happened. I wanna know about Azlar’s relationship with his daughter

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Have a look at the Fanfiction Library for loads of great stories about our beloved heroes.

Not sure anyone has done an elf-dwarf love triangle yet though?

Other than the abomination in The Hobbit (forgive us Tolkien)



Kiril is missing an eye. I never noticed that. To the game to check this out. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

He’s not missing an eye. He’s winking as he’s handing you a pint.

:wink: :beer:

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I didn’t noticed that Kiril is missing an eye. It seems something like Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead. Maybe a shoot…

My daughter and I argued this one. The forum came down in her favour :anguished:


That was the thread where I learned he’s missing an eye lol. I always thought he was winking too.

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There’s a good close up pic in there, it seems to be a scar rather than a wink.

I noticed the scar going from his eyebrow down to his cheek but I still always figured he was winking.

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Well I guess I’m proven wrong. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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