There should be Draw in Raids

Dont know if this has been discussed anywhere, but i have encountered situations where the last hero of the opposing team fires at my boril or any hero remaining with counterattack buff and the game counts as a loss to me.

It should be a draw match in my opinion. Why should both teams lose all their heroes and its counts as a loss to me the attacker. That should be a draw and d cups should be shared equally.

That is my 2cents. :grinning::grin::blush::thinking::neutral_face:

I agree. Had the same thing happen to me before.

Also, in wars, defensive heroes should not be allowed to heal themselves after my heroes have already been killed.

As i am seeing it, your team of heroes try to conquer the other teams cup that are in their watchtower
If you have no hero standing to retrieve the cups, then they stay in the watchtower untouched.
My 2 cents :crazy_face:

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Yeah that’s happened to me but the weird thing is I WON not LOST

Thats weird…it has actually happened a couple of times and its all been a loss.

And the weirder thing is I LOST in campaigns so idk

Actually, yes, quite a few times, for example:

Is your intention suggesting changing how this works, or just discussing it?

Just trying to figure out if an existing thread might be an appropriate spot for this conversation. :slight_smile:

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