There should be an increase on level up percentages

The delay of receiving per centage points should increase from one to two.

Also why are there delays in power levels, six battles for 1 per centage point not fair.

Can you elaborate? what are you referring too?


Yes, it shouldn’t take 3-6 battles to earn 1 per cent while it takes 3 or more flags to battle depending where you are to level up

1 percent of what exactly?

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I have played (from yesterday and today) season 2 province 7 all the way to season 3 (and now at province 17) used over 3000 gems and my level up % is only 46, and now I’m able to start season 4…is that reasonable

I would to correct the per centage, I am not at 46 I at 64.

Are you referring to how much XP it takes to level up? What is your level, by the way?

At Level 78, I am 79% of the way to the next level, equal to 422,328 XP more to go. I am a daily player, and I try to farm for max XP gain. It’s taking more than a month to get to the next level. Guess how much XP I gain in % from 1 battle :woman_shrugging:

OP has made another thread with the same subject yesterday:

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I just purchased the Goblin crate and didn’t receive all that was in it…I’ seeing after this Wars battle my alliance with 4k heroes could not defeat 3k opponents, I don’t see how we were correctively matched… explain please

Screenshots? Video clips? You need supporting proof to back up your claim.

Team power comparison is an invalid gauge for a player to win raids and hits in wars. A lot of factors come into play, i.e. ideal heroes brought, hero synergy, favorable opening boards, ability to know which tiles to match for better result, etc.

Please read:

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And the title has absolutely nothing to do with the post.

It’s like it was written by a bad Markov Chain bot.


LOL. That was my initial assessment as well. Just tried assisting the OP anyway I can.

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How can you not see that increasing the level up percentage will allow you to receive full goblin crate loot and win alliance wars vs teams 1k tp lower than yours?