There should be a trading centre

This idea has come a long ways and I just though maybe if I share it the developers might see it and make use of it.

The idea is to convert a building where one could trade ingredients to gain other items. For example, trade 100 common leafs for 1 midnight root. I think you get the idea.

They can called it The Trading center or The Market, or whatever they want. It would definitely make the game a bit more fun.

They don’t need to make a trading center for ascension items, because they make a lot of money from it. So just the ingredients for crafting will do.

@StevieWonder There’s been discussion of whether the upcoming Alchemy Lab might include ingredient trading/transmutation — you’re certainly not alone in hoping so, if you read through this thread:

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I’ll leave it to you to peruse the thread, but here are a few posts with ideas similar to yours as examples from that thread:

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Wow, I didn’t know that it’s a popular thread.

I just wish SG could actually make it happen. Alot more people will stay playing the game. We have had a few members quit the game because they get nothing and then delete empires and puzzles.

I do understand their arguments and it’s valid.

I just wish people can stop paying this game so.much for gems. Because we poor people can’t spend that kind of money and are left in the dust.

I’m hoping they’ll add some way to convert ingredients too. Farming for 3* and 4* ingredients is slow going, it’d be nice to be able to make some of them at least.

Please do some searching before posting a new thread. You will often find that your idea,or one similar to it, has already been posted and can use your vote or be improved by your thinking.

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Please continue discussion in on of the linked threads.

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