There’s no such thing as “my best offense team.”

There’s no single team that’s the best offense team. If you ask the forums for advice about defense, you’ll get good advice. If you ask about your best offense, the only people giving advice don’t know what they’re talking about. The best offense is a counter strategy based on the defending team. There’s no single best offense team, it depends on what team you’re attacking. Let’s create a team, Gravemaker, Alasie, Yunan, Hel, gravemaker. Just a random team from the top of my head, this is somebody’s defense team you’re attacking. So the tank is a very sturdy green, there’s a couple reds in the lineup, a bit of mana control. Ideally your attacking team includes red hood against this team because she’s red and the tank is green plus she defends your heroes from mana control. Against this defending team you’d probably go on to include some reds that hit, and probably a couple blue heroes because of double Gravemaker defenders. So you’ll take 3-2, triple red double blue etc etc. Good attacking team versus this defending team. That attacking team won’t be very good against even a Richard tank. You wouldn’t want to bring triple red and double blue against a Richard tank regardless of what the rest of the team is. I don’t know why but it annoys me to no end seeing all the posts about “what’s my best attack/defense team.” Your attack team is specifically based on what team you’re attacking. It’s a dumb question.


On that they ask about the best choices on the roster the had.
And who ever advices is answering accouring to what he/she think will be good in what a player has VS a known target. Titan/war vs an exact enemy def team.
I agree with you that best ever offense team doesn’t exist but … its just a light of hope given to some one so new to understand your cristaly right point.


Here comes the Pandah :smiley:


Thank you for the introduction @Jedon :grin:

Everytime I’ve given advice regarding offensive raiding teams, has usually been by saying something along the lines of: it’s nearly impossible to know what lineup [for offense] works best without knowing exactly who you’re raiding first and foremost. If there are problematic buffs? Bring a dispeller. Horrible DOTs? Bring a cleanser. Do they have a tank you really don’t want going off? Stack the strong color against it etc etc.

I think most experienced players who give advice here know that you can’t ever really know for sure who will work well in raid attacks. Titans and defense are much more simple to plan for, but raid attack teams are ever-changing and always vary, so anyone giving advice in this category should be sure to specify that once a team becomes well developed, it should always change to best counter your opponent at that time.

Although, some newbies that ask for advice only have one to two choices of heroes in each color. In that instance, it’s fairly obvious who they should be using for their raid attacks, because well… there’s really no other options lol. It isn’t until a roster becomes more developed, where a person should customize each team for each raid attack. Beginners won’t find as many opportunities to do so as more experienced players due to their lack in options.

I could have more to say, but I’m having breakfast, so this’ll have to do for now. I’ll get back to it with a few more words later :wink:


Sooo…best for my blue… Grimm? No. Sorry, that’s stupid. It’s Kiril, right? Obviously Kiril. You were going to say Kiril? Let’s just say Grimm.

When we’re looking at someone developing a basic roster, I don’t think it’s meaningless to suggest ways to develop a basic attack team. If you’re just starting out in this game, you probably don’t know there’s a basic checklist you’re trying to build to get some team synergy going. While an experienced hand can omit one or more of these, I always start with a goal of having:

  • healing
  • -defense ailment
  • attack buff
  • strip enemy buffs
  • two (or more) solid hitters

Most of my advice on offensive teams just boils down to applying these guidelines to a particular roster.


Against the defense initially posed, I wouldn’t bother stacking blues against the wings; your main priority is punching through the tank ASAP to avoid its special, which is typically devastating, and creating a hole by which you can ghost tiles to charge your own specials without charging the enemy.

So stacking reds is your first priority (how many depends on the heroes you have available, of course, but if you have them I recommend three). Then see where you’re at.

You know you need to check off certain boxes (as @Kerridoc highlights above)—so fill those roles as you can. I always try to bring at least one healer, so if you have Red Hood in your tank stack, you can probably look to fill other roles with your other (ideally two) attack heroes. If you don’t have a healer in your tank stack, you know one of those (two) remaining heroes needs to be a healer. Bringing two healers is perfectly viable, particularly if they have other affects that help with the particular team you’re attacking.

Against this proposed defense, what you want are heroes who can cleanse status ailments: Yunan, two Graves, Alasie, and Hel all have pretty crippling affects. So I’d bring at least 1-2 strong cleansers—Vivica, Zimkithia, Aeron, Rigard, et. al.

If you can bring Red Hood, Zimkithia, and Vivica against this defense, along with a third red attacker (Grave, Kestrel, Azlar, whoever) and another random hitter (Joon or Leo or even a fourth red), this defense will melt.

I’d avoid blues, who weaken your tile damage against Yunan, and greens, who Yunan also has resistance to and who will be exceptionally weak against the dual Graves.

The original poster is right that each attack team is unique, but that’s not to say that folks can’t offer helpful advice if you let them know what you’re working with. And there ARE some heroes who just make great hitters—typically your fast and very fast snipers (Kage, Grave, Marj, Joon, Lianna, Alasie, Jackal, Magni…)—but you need, ideally, a rounded team, and one built to counter the enemy’s strengths and exploit its weaknesses.

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I usually bring the same strategy based of color tank, my attack team will always have:

  • 1/2 healers (melendor is good for attack defense is pretty bad, kiril, ares… )

  • def debuff (I have Tiburtus, Buddy(he is good even if his dmg is bad) and wilbur… He is godlike)

  • solid fast sniper (joon, marjanna… )

  • attack buff (Kiril, Ares, Khiona, they’re good)

  • def buff ( Kiril, Wilbur (the most solid hero for defense buff))

  • color stack

  • 1/2 dispellers (I have Sonya and Melendor)

my most powerful attack team is actually a 3 color team: Wukong/Joon/Ares/Wilbur/Melendor
And the cherry (rerorero) on top of the cake, i named this team : “worst regrets” XD

I get what you are saying but it’s only because of hindsight that we can say this. As a beginner you wouldn’t know head or tail.

That said I think @Kerridoc is correct - there are some basic guidelines we can provide advice on.

Eg “What’s my best balanced all-round rainbow multi-purpose auto-farm team?” is always a good question at any point in the game

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For beginners, it is best to follow the guideline to what @Kerridoc mentioned:

A solid 4* rainbow for beginners would be like the below to be able to do quest/season/events/raids.

Rigard - Caedmon - Boldtusk - Grimm - Chao

There are other combinations as well depending on the roster available.
I cant say anything for 3* as I dont have a single leveled 3* in my roster. :sweat_smile:

Smiles in Zimkitish
In the end a player’s best attacking team could be 3 things:

  • the team composed by your strongest heroes
    • like for beginners with just one leveled team
  • the player’s team with the highest win rateo
    • still for new players but with a better hero usage, like bringing a weaker hero as a 4* instead of a 5* one due to a better skill
  • the team that counter better the defending heroes
    • for tailored strategies, to ensure a good chance of winning

And the tailored teams changes with almost every attack. Having a target you can calmly take aim and fire :dart:

You missed out one more thing.

The color that you have the most heroes with. If you have a 5x blue heroes (mix of 3-5*) for example, you can always color stack and search for teams with red tanks or more red heroes in their team to raid. :slight_smile:

It could be counted as the one with highest win rateo :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is not a dumb question…there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers (German Phrase) :wink:

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The English way of saying it is “there’s no such thing as dumb questions, just dumb people.” lol

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I put mono color stacking into the “advanced techniques” category. Most of the people asking for “best team” advice here are just transitioning from 3* to 4* and don’t have the depth of quality heroes to carry off deep stacking. I have enough trouble convincing people to build a double rainbow of 4* before working on their 5*.

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