There is Whale song in the Halloween Sky Tonight

I enjoy this game and spend a little to support it. Todays Halloween offer is quite the bargain with all the token’s,rare ascension mats,etc. And of course the 10000 gems which are normally the same price as the special.WOW I could really strengthen my team quicker with that loot.Any philanthropist out there that would like to give me $100 to purchase it I would surely name one of my teams after you. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Just having a little fun here and good luck with the weekend war!


The titles makes WAY more sense after you read the post. It was eclectic enough to get me to open the post and read it :wink:


If I had money to burn , it would be hard to resist but with my compulsive addictive behavior this game has taught me self-control. The remorse of spending out of my budget always outweighs the delight. I was hoping a few people would be amused as that was my intent :grinning:


The thing is, if you ever, ever buy gems from the in game gem store, these offers from the event calendars are better.

Sure, I’ve spent plenty on the offers for Halloween, but these nice offers only come around every 4 months.

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Oh it is a great value I just don’t have that kind of investment to Spend Surely not criticizing the offer. It’s a good one and I have splurged on a couple of the other Halloween offers :sunglasses:

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After last winter calendar, I promised somewhere on these forums if they did these for each season I’d buy them all.

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And did you? 20 chars of curiosity…

So far I’ve gotten them all. :joy:

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