There is no such thing as a must-have hero

I’ve been thinking for a while about this, and then this evening I saw a post by a player who had no money for the rest of the month but was desperate to get Telluria, to the extent that if they could only get out of the house they would have sold their food stamps. To get pixels! So now I’m going to jolly well make a thread about it.

This is sort of understandable when your life has contracted to the extent that the game assumes huge proportions, but it is also daft. Several heroes are regarded as game making or breaking, but if you don’t have any one of them you will still be able to play! Once upon a time there was Guinevere, then along came Kunchen, Ursena, Black Knight and at last Telluria, and every one of these was must-have if you wanted to be competitive. But it isn’t really. At least I don’t believe so. (Disclaimer: I have BK, who has made a huge difference to my defence, now sitting comfortably in low diamond. And now I also have Telluria - an embarrassment of riches. She’s my first and only 5* healer.)

Gravemaker is an absolute must if you want to be in the top 100, right? Well, apart from the obvious fact that there is, or at any rate ought to be, more to life than being in the top 100, lots of accounts don’t have him. I don’t have him, but I’m not especially scared of him. Counters exist. Obviously he’s hugely strong as part of the right line-up, but that’s the point, he’s only one of five. The other four can still be great with someone else in that spot. Certain combinations are more effective than others, ok, but they will still be effective with a bit of shuffling and substituting. Part of the fun of this game is the mixing and matching, the picking of the most appropriate team for the job. In AW, even if you have six of him all maxed and full of emblems, that won’t always mean bringing Gravemaker.

Even at a lower level it goes on. You have to have Falcon for this… you can’t complete that without Proteus… only Buddy can do this job for you… not so! There are so many other team line-ups that will do the job.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting the new shiny heroes. It’s what the game is built around; it’s how SG makes money, which keeps them running, without which there would be no E&P for us to enjoy. Just… don’t pin all your hopes - and cash! - on one hero to bring you happiness. Because there’ll be another one along in a month or two that you absolutely must have or your life is blighted. And another one after that. Enjoy what you have! Pull with a will, but try not to get downhearted if this one eludes you. (Did I say I have only just got my first 5* healer? Oh how my heart ached when Grazul turned down my invitations. Even Vivica doesn’t want to know me ffs. But Rigard has been solid, and indeed, my current defence team doesn’t even have a healer. Radical.)

Gosh, this is a bit turgid and possibly rather sanctimonious. Sorry. It’s probably also a duplicate - apologies again. I do spend on this game and I do have several fairly shiny heroes. But sometimes they just won’t come to me (talking to you, Falcon) and that’s ok too. Well, sort of ok.



I can’t live without Gravemaker and I don’t have him. Now I’m in a support group to prevent suicide. Please help. I would sell my granny for him, if she was still alive.

At least I have a last roll of sth even more valuable:



Except for Bane. He is a must have. Thankfully, SG is kind enough to give him for free. I was one of the dummies who ate him.


Just the one roll? I have 18 unstarted. Bought a large pack before it was fashionable.


I dont know if that person you were talkig about is myself but im feeling totally dissapointed to the fact of not getting Telluria . What dissapoints me more is that when i dont need a Hero It shows Up(grimble , Jean francois ) but when i really need a hero whos gonna make the difference i cant pull It no matter how hard i try . (It happened with kingstone too) in fact i cant even pull a 5* star Green (12 tonic waiting )
In my alliance there are lot of non spender people who simply got Telluria without much effort .
By the way its a game, i will still play with other heroes . However everytime i see Telluria i will remember how bitter rng could be .

I have kind of a budget so i dont plan to overspend to get the hotm

No @TheWizard, it wasn’t you. I’m glad to hear you’re sticking to a budget as not everyone seems able to. I don’t have a budget as such, myself, but I’m pulling myself up now as I recently realised just how hideously those dinky little transactions mount up over a month.

Yes, it’s very sad to see the hero you just know was meant for your team on an opponent’s bench instead of yours, but as you say, you still play with other heroes. Not the one you wanted, but others that perhaps someone else would desperately love. I pulled Wilbur and Proteus fairly early on and they’ve taken me a long, long way; they’re “only” 4* but how I pity people who don’t have them. (Perhaps pity is the wrong word. I smirk to myself. That’s bad, right?)

I like to believe that one day people who actively avoided pulling Grimble are going to deeply regret that choice :wink:

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