There is no notification to confirm Skip time decision [Answer: There is a confirmation box]

Hi all,
I have lost my 2k2 gems because of touching the Skip time function of Training camp. I wonder why it does not have any message or notification to confirm the action.
Please check and add this function. Furthermore, I would like to get back my gems because of this critical inconvienience.
Thanks & best regards.

The training camp skip does have a confirm:

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what is you OS? (Android or IOS? Mine is Androi. And I really don’t see that confirm! Just touch and lost my gems. It is really fast.

I checked and saw the notice. Maybe make a fault double touch!haizz how careless I am!

It happens, and it’s really unfortunate when it happens. I think most of us have accidentally bought something when we were clicking fast or tired. I added roster slots by mistake, and I know someone who put their phone in their back pocket and accidentally did a 10-pull :grimacing:.

Unfortunately, SG’s policy is no refunds or undos on in-game actions, and I don’t think they make exceptions. You could submit a support ticket, but I’m confident they’ll tell you no refund.


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