There is no confirmation to spend gems


I have lost several gems while being defeated in your new event quests: Guardians of Teltoc. As the match is ending the continue screen comes up very quickly causing accidental tapping on the continue with the match button and removing 75 gems (!!!)

There should be a confirmation screen before being forced to spend so much precious resources.

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How fast are you tapping? I haven’t had this issue once, on Beginning or Intermediate sections… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, regardless of anyone’s speed, shouldn’t there be a confirmation to spend so many gems in a rematch? A rematch requires 75 gems! In my case as soon as all my heroes were dead I didn’t even get the “defeated” screen but the rematch screen instead where the “rematch for 75 gems” button can easily be pressed by accident.


When I wipe I’m usually shaking my head rather than continually tapping the screen, so this isn’t a problem at least for me.


So consider this scenario: several of your heroes still have a little bit of life in them, the enemy fires but you are not sure if your heroes are going to go, you spot a play on the board thinking that you might still have a chance, you tap…to your dismay you just tapped the button that says “rematch for 75 gems”. Now do you see the point I’m trying to make?

…hence the need to display a confirmation screen.


Fair enough. withdraws


Maybe but I typically watch my heroes get wiped left to right and know when the defeat screen is coming. Then again I’m pretty good at predicting my wipes too I suppose, happens more than I’d like just sayin! :slight_smile:

I suppose it might be legit for the continue, I don’t really want to see confirmations for every little gem expenditure in game though… that would get super annoying super quickly.


I would understand not wanting to see a confirmation screen whenever you consciously made the decision or for every “little gem expenditure”, but in my case the decision was not made consciously; plus I will disagree with you that 75 gems are “little” expenditure. Now this has happened twice effectively wasting 150 gems.


I think it’s a good idea. Gems are a precious resource in this game and anyone who thinks otherwise evidently burns way too much time or money on the game.

I think it’s an idea to have a confirmation.
Can make a settings switch to turn off the confirmation if people don’t like it. My son has burnt gems (equivalent) in another game for similar reasons (twice). It’s a valid use case and a worthy idea. I don’t see why you shouldn’t allow it if it’s switchable in settings.


I was going to suggest just that. Those who can’t be bothered to see confirmation screens can have them switched off. I’m just not sure about 2 things: 1. The devs looking at these posts 2. If it is convenient to have confirmations given that is a way devs make money…


I’d try here, to be sure. :slight_smile:

  1. Never said 75 gems was trivial

  2. 2-4 gems to accelerate a chest = trivial hopefully for everyone.

  3. Little Infinity: ad hominem attacks will never be respected, and you as an individual have now lost mine.


Revelate, my apologies if you feel offended, certainly not the objective here, and quite frankly I was agreeing with you with regards to screens popping up all over the place, even though it seemed to me your second paragraph was implying that 75 gems is small expenditure.

Rook, thanks for that, I was afraid of having to repost…


No worries. Hopefully Rev sees your comment. No reason we can’t all be friendly, even if we disagree sometimes. :slight_smile:


Hey, no disagreement, where is the fun on that?


Actually, Small Giant implements a lot of player suggestions. :slight_smile: There was a problem a while back for people accidentally purchasing extra hero slots in their roster by mistake. They have changed the protocol for confirmation of promotions and demotions of alliance members… and so on.

I’ll share the post for the event feedback thread. And Petri reads the vast majority of the forum, so no problems with it getting seen. :grinning:


Great! Thanks for the clarification.



I’ll agree to disagree about the level of our (dis)agreement! Lol


Hmmm - No offence was meant specifically to you Rev. Think you may be a tad over-sensitive as to who I’m attacking and even whether I’m attacking.

It’s (to my mind) a true statement followed by an opinion. Gems are precious (fact). People who think they are not spend too much money or time (opinion). No controversy there. What’s missing (and was never intended) is the ‘I think Revelate is one of those people and because of that he’s a bad bad person.’

I cannot help if you feel it was aimed at you… I can only clarify that it was not. The post was in response as it was continuing a theme and I think the original point was valid and did not merit the argument against it because you may have a different play style or approach.

I’m afraid the matter of losing your respect, while sad and unfortunate, will not change the nature of my posts. My style is acerbic, but I try to help where I can or give my opinion where I feel moved to. If that loses the respect of some who are sensitive to the style of post then I guess I’ll have to live with that and be Mr Billy No-mates… poor me.

You still have my respect (even if you are over-sensitive to acerbic posts) as someone who is knowledgeable in the game and I’ll still read your input.

I don’t in any way require reciprocation, but apologies for hurting your feelings in any event.


It wasn’t offensive, it was a statement both sloppy and not meriting respect.

Attack people’s ideas, not them directly: making acerbic comments about spenders (of which I’m an admitted one) of the variety that they have either too much money or not enough sense, isn’t appropriate; individuals who do make such statements aren’t worthy of respect anywhere in my estimation online or off.

I’ll admit my temper is short and frayed after this week for which I apologize and I reacted poorly as a result; however, the core point is still valid: ad hominem attacks don’t belong in civil discourse.