There is a mistery hidden in the game and the first clue it's in the title? Like a "real" puzzle? Or some mystery for more creative minds?

Hi everybody! I play the game in slow mode you could say because i didn’t spent any money, yet. Like that i saw that a lot of details matters and could make the difference. But do you think, that could be a like an algoritm after this game is working and “helping” You? And this algoritm could be discovered by us If “we make the puzzle”?Like…who give’s more atențion to details, could be helped with the colors that comes, because, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s bad and sometimes it’s good, right? But i saw also that when i’m not hurrying, and i make the Best moves, looks like the “computer” is helping me. Do You think that could be for us
a real puzzle to solve, not just to be first, but I don’t know…any other kind of “mystery” or " puzzle" to make that brings You an “empire” ? And even just to be first…thanks. Aaa…by the way…do You know where i can find a list with all heroes special skills details ?

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The secret is monkeys throw darts at a prize wheel then the results are inputed into the game.

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Mate…i said “mystery” and “puzzle”, not secret. There is a big difference If You read carrefully. And thanks for your opinion, you’re funny :))

About that list You don’t know anything, right?

A list of all 3*, 4*, and 5* heroes is maintained on the 7DD website:

Really thank You mate. I admit, it’s my first time when i use a forum and I am new in games. I also admit that i was superficial…:)) I’ve made a topic without reading to much in forum :)) but i try to get better . Thanks again

… as simple as this.
That’s what I have learned.

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I like Deep toughts. Thanks mate

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