There is a conspiracy in this game

There is a conspiracy in this game, I see beginners with only 300 gems pulling Aegir, Athena and 5 * tops. In older players they suffer to get a decent hero. Do you use this strategy to hold new players? game 1 year never won a bonus, and new players starting their first pull out Aegir kkkkk there is something wrong in this game.

Beginning players with Magni, Aegir, Ares all pulled only 1 gold token or 300 gems. I believe in a conspiracy, old players get something


Randomness, randomness, randomness.

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You can check to see if this is actually a thing by starting a new game (you can use a different Apple ID or Google account so that you don’t lose your current progress), then seeing what you get with your first epic summon. Make sure to let us know which totally awesome 5* hero you get.

My guess is that you find similar results to what I found when I recently started an alt account. The totally awesome 5* hero I received with my first epic token: Belith. :smile:


Pulling Aegir is actually a punishment, because when they go to find out about him they have to read the never ending threads on if he is good or not, and how should be be graded and fixed.


Free players with 1 single gold chip made it. I know the players

So I’m the unlucky one, the 1 year playing I only have 5 * trash. That’s why I stopped spending money on this game.

You’ll hate this then, I got Victor with an epic hero token and aegir with an Atlantis pull from my collected coins… dun dun dun conspiracy


There confirmed from the horses mouth. We all knew it :wink:

I received a Magni with an epic hero token at roughly 10 months. I saw plenty of players before me get a great hero for a token, too.

I highly doubt conspiracy, just from my own experience. shrug

New player does not spend money, he pulls the gold token.

The game was against me, then bad luck

Do you use this strategy to hold new players?©
I believe, yes.

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Oh, come on! Seriously? I mean, seriously?


Hmmmm, been playing 15 1/2 months, did one pull today on Atlantis gate, got aegir…so does this mean I am a new player…:joy::joy:


I’m not sure if the criteria is:

  • Must be a new player
  • Must win 5* Hero with token
  • Both


if there is such thing and its true then its a smart marketing, but how is that effecting you as a player ? wasnt you once a new player with 300 gems also ? or the devs did that to every new player but not you because they hate you ?

My first pull 300 gems won Hansel. Today playing 01 year so I get heroes 4 *. New players pulling hotm here in Brazil know several, and there is another player who has spent a lot to get Aegir and can not. Other beginners with 01 golden token get Hotm. I believe in some marketing.

ok so what are you saying here ? they added this new players thingy after you joined thats why you only had hansel that time ? or is it for players from brazil only ? im interested

I don’t agree that the devs hate the players but I’m sure the GAME GODS have an intense dislike for some of us :joy::rofl::smiley::smile:


Here in Brazil many novice players 2/60 Ares along with Bane, Layla, Gunnar. I do not know but I tell you in some marketing, In the game from the beginning I was very lucky and with time I began to realize it was getting harder to get something good. It may be bad luck, but I see only beginners easily getting HOTM

I have audio of players crying about having spent everything to get a Hotm and a novice player who does not even know the hero with only a token can pull.

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