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The rumor of an old HotM making a return in September is gaining traction. So if you could pick that returning hero, who would it be?

Would you just go with the strongest, or one more in line with your team needs?

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Alberich-■■■■-him. He is the biggest pain in my rear when raiding. Barring him, Athena

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If that rumor is true, it would likely be a purple hero since that would be next in the normal sequence. And since Hel was the first HOTM and also purple…


Hel would make sense… but season 2 is supposed to roll out sometime very soon… I cant see them going through all the hotm again… alby is also my pick or ares… I don’t spend $$ anymore sooo… I don’t really care. I just hope they update the hero pool on basics

If the devs are not planning to roll out the old heroes of the month once season 2 launches, it would be nice if they could offer it even for a short time for others like me who just recently joined/ played the game.

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I love titan hitting so it would be Athena for me.

I have the HotM starting from Ares, so personally I’m looking for Athena. But if I were starting today, I’d want Alberich most. Hel, Athena and Ares do something better than anyone else, but Alberich has two unique skills: resurrect and generate mana.

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