There are no fire heroes in th Atlantis family

Has anyone noticed that there are no fire heroes In the Atlantis family. I have one of each element except for fire giving me a 15% boost in defense if I use them together. It would be nice to round out the bonus category. But what is the point of having a 20% defense bonus of the family if you can never have it at some point? I wonder if the staff knows about this? What are your thoughts?

Well atlantis is water…


Well said…


Sounds fishy :wink:

20 fishy conspiracy


Lol, I get it now. A unique character can be of the same element. But not the same character to get the Family bonus. Yay I answered my own question. LOL.


There are underwater volcanoes you know. Maybe there could be a character called Volkanos.

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Wait unless u mean family bonus lol


You’re drunk, take a nap and come back to it in a couple days lol

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But the magma are underground, safe from the water. :sweat_smile:

Maybe you are refering to Volcanion the Fire/Water Pokemon. :thinking:

When I was a kid Pokemon were more straightforward (off-topic)

we had cats, mice, dogs, foxes, birds… okay sure we had the one shaped like a ball and the one that had magnets. You’re telling me there’s a volcano now, among all the other inanimate objects they’re turning into little creatures??? :confused: My wife just got me into the newest pokemon game and wow the ones I saw… just left me speechless. I didn’t even know there were so many now that they started cutting them like fighting game series do :open_mouth:

But regarding Atlantis family, there are four 5* heroes in that family already, compared to the others who only have three 5* heroes. I really don’t think Atlantis family needs more heroes.

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Also all the other family’s lagoon gaurdians Sakura are all missing a certain element hero.
Probably done by design.
Unsure on the other family’s if you can now get a rainbow team.

There is only 1 family with complete color but it is not from atlantis, it’s challenge event family (Wonderland).


What about her?

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She’s sakura family