There are 54 possible Raid Tournaments so why do we only get 32 to play?

There are tournaments for 3 star levels (I miss those 2* events!).
There are three types of tournaments (Rush, Bloody, and Buff).
There are currently 6 color combinations (All + the 5 that could be eliminated).

3 X 3 X 6 = 54 possible combinations.

Why do we keep cycling through the same 32 events?
There are 21 combinations that we will never see and 1 that we only saw once.

Why was the 5* Rush Attack, No Ice, only offered once and not included in the tournament cycle?

At the very start, there was just a 3* event and then a 4* event without any restrictions on color or any other limitations. It was just a straight fight of 3s and then 4s. Why were they never repeated? Those were simple and fun too. If they were added back, that would be 56 possible combinations.

The HOTM Zulag would be fun in a 5* Biff Booster, No Holy event, but that event has never existed.


I haven’t been tracking tournaments, but asked around about the “cyclic” tournaments. No one (that I know) has noticed a cycle or pattern. If you have, please tell us what the next 10 tourneys will be? A cycle makes sense. Maybe we haven’t been paying attention, and I truly wouldn’t mind being enlightened.

I thought I remember one of these, and remember my Ursena having a hay day. It’s possible regardless.

Those were junked for multiple reasons:

  • The combinations you were shy on, would be silly with 8 heroes. Less depending on bloody battle
  • They were deemed counter productive for new players who start with Bane and have limited roster space. New players shouldn’t be trained to play with their food.
  • They were deemed an opportunity for abuse for those who did have roster space, resources, and lacking sense of importance for emblems.

I would suggest that an algorithm is included:
once a possible combination has taken place, it is removed from following tournaments until a complete cycle. Then rinse-repeat

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And I don’t understand your math, you are listing banG, banB and banR two times each.

Yes, there are threads about upcoming tournaments just confirming them after anouncement. So, there is evident cycle.

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Haha. R-G is the same as G-R

I read upcoming tournaments. But did not know this meant there was a pattern

@JekylandHyde I wanna know this, too

Used to be a known rotation; how @Guvnor always pre-loads the threads. He discusses it here:

🏅 Raid Tournaments – Log, Overview, Attacking, Matchmaking, Scoring, Restrictions, Special Rules, and Rewards


SG stated it was a 32-event cycle. It’s never been random. When the cycle ends, it starts right back in the beginning of the cycle.


So what happened to the other 22 combinations of the OP?

maybe those 22 are broken meta combos for offense/defense
maybe these 32 are best to bring tell, alfryke and other $$$ money makers as tanks
maybe 54 means you get to wait 1 year for a specific tourney to repeat
but, who knows?

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Here’s a Full Log of the tournaments and if you look at the far right column it shows the last time the tournament was used - one week was skipped between tournaments 40 and 41 due to an update of some sort which is why there is an apparent aberration in the 32-tourney “cycle”.

First, I agree with you re the 2* tourneys. I think you and I are the only players who liked them, alas.

Second, I also agree with you that I would like to see all the possible combinations.

As @BigSlick points out, there is a set of 32 “combinations” that appear to repeat, in sequence (since this was pointed out to me a couple months ago, I have tracked it and this is accurate). This has the advantage of making the tourneys predictable. But, isn’t predictable antithetical to ethos of E&P? Isn’t RNG supposed to be the underlying foundation of the game? It strikes me as odd that this aspect of the game is so… low tech.

There are more mods available. Take a look at the special stages in Atlantis and Valhalla. So much possibilities. For Raids and Wars. My favorite would be a war in dense fog or underwater :slight_smile:


found a list of the combinations not currently available:

as to WHY, I don’t know. maybe someone with more encyclopedic knowledge and/or stats skills can attempt to see if there’s a pattern based on the elements (like, I don’t know, maybe there isn’t a no-Yellow 4* Bloody Battle format because Lady W (and Gullinbursti, sort of) is the only 4* Yellow healer? doesn’t make sense for Green though, because we have Mel and Kash. so yeah, can’t think of a pattern.

well, maybe the 3* Bloody Battles don’t exclude Blue / Yellow / Purple because there aren’t any 3* healers in those colors (and we have no-Red and no-Green because of Hawkmoon and Belith…)


Scheduling-wise, the game is very predictable. Atlantis, Valhalla, alliance wars, emblem stages, costume chamber, etc - all follow a set pattern.

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Yes, there is a 32-event cycle. We are in the 3rdf repeats of it. Every Friday (or Saturday) I post a sneak preview video of the Sunday event. I can do this because I have logged every tournament since they started which is why I can also assure you that there was never a 5* Buff Booster without Holy.

I log the events, the order, and the top 5 wining teams. I have a ton of data on this.


Why not a tournament with 1 five, 1 four and 3 threes? Other combinations. The possibilities are endless and it would give us chances to use those family combinations most of us won’t use otherwise.


Fair enough, still seems lame to make it be the same 32 combos in the same sequence over and over.


@Guvnor seems to be pretty on the ball.

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For those who are in APL I made a thread on this exact topic months ago:

Got radio silence :stuck_out_tongue:


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