Theorycrafting thoughts on feeders and randomization

After always having hidden blade shortages (hooray for Monday’s offer), I noticed that I actually just had more leveled red heroes than all other colors. Took a full inventory of each account and added up all feeder XP spent over the last 10-14 months. I have always fed like colors, only exception being when 1 or 2 off-color will finish the final level of a hero. That occasional exception is not enough to change any of the results.

Red is 2+% higher than all the other colors on every character account. If anyone wants to see the full list or numbers I can post it. It’s over 300k different on the oldest, which is almost a full 5* hero. Well outside a good StD and the data sets are plenty large.

Trying to think of why. Out of all feeders, each color has 2x 1* and 3x 2* with the exception of Red which has four (screw you Jill !). So apparently when you pull a 2* feeder, you get a random one out of the full pot rather than picking the color first and then a random one from that subset. With an extra Red tipping the scales, you eventually end up with quite a bit more.

Just in case anyone wondered or cared.

Bad design. No balance…no balance. The Force and Baby Yoda are NOT HAPPY!


Would not surprise me.

Similar problem with red and yellow 1* troops was fixed

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