Theory of Chaos does not need you


You need Theory of Chaos.
Be part of something Better. Part of something that Matters. You are not a number, you are potentially the Most Awesome Super Titan Slaying Bad-Boy your Mama was always afraid you’d Become. Do Not Pass This Opportunity to gain the tools and skills Necessary to Dominate this Game. ** Join Theory of Chaos ** or don’t, I don’t care.
For Adults or people who pretend to be Adults.
For Players who actually give a crap about being "All That You Can Be"
Success Driven Organization that will give you every single skill you need to shoot to the top. You can’t get there on your own, but we can show you the way.
Every Titan you help Destroy every Day can potentially drop those Rare and Epic accention items you will Need to Succeed. GUARANTEED

Look us up, and join if you Dare.
Dare to Win.


5 worthless members had to be executed. Their death is your gain. 5 slots open for the first 5 players who read this.


Gotta admit, that tag line was catchy. If I wasn’t running my own successful ally, I’d have joined. LOL


only one spot left. Next player to join and mention this ad gets to change my in-game screen name to whatever they choose for 1 week.
Join now, or wallow in bitter regret and solitude for the rest of your short-lived life.


Good add it had my attention, then i remembered im a leader of my alliance…lol