Theory: Loot Has Been Nerfed to Force Using Alchemy Lab

I totally agree. Check out this BS titan loot I got yesterday. Totally unacceptable.


We all hate dry steaks :fire: :cut_of_meat: :fire:


Only two 4* mats? Ugh. Shame on SG!

I got a compass from a mystic vision last week, a damascus blade from a regular raid chest yesterday, and a warm cape from a regular monster chest about an hour ago.

Edit: Oh and we had the rare tiger a couple days ago. Got a compass and the bonus roll for the first time.

Edit 2: I have Alchemy Lab at level 2, both levels researched and I have used them a couple of times. Just for the heck of it, they are useless.


Lol. I opened my phone at 5am when my kids woke me up and I though I was still dreaming lol.

@ the OP

Fwiw, I generally have pretty good “luck”. By luck I mean I fill 3-4 chests every day, hit high level titans, complete every quest/event/etc. you just need lots of at bats to get the number of pulls needed for good loot.

This month has been light on 4* mats so far, but this titan just caught me up and I am now on track for my On average 6 RNG sourced mats per month.


I had a similar reaction when I got two 4* mats off a titan. That was several months ago now. I will concede that other than the one rare titan, titan loot has been sub par for me for quite some time. In fact, most of September stunk, but that’s RNG. I’ve done really well the last week or so.

I also fill a good amount of chests per day. I use the maximum number of skips allowed every day. Elemental chests have been bad for me for awhile, too. Last one had two chainmail shirts… ugh. Thing is, people have been complaining that loot has been nerfed since 2017… it hasn’t been. RNG gonna RNG. And after a long dry spell, it feels so good to hit a lucky streak :joy:



“Is this diet crack? Let me know so I smoke twice as much…”

I blame Wu - he misses so much since the last patch…


I got a tabard from mystic this week

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An interesting question. SG claims to have 15 staff devoted to the forum, yet I have seen just two who were self avowed employees participate. My guess might be, if I were a cynical person, is that they are just posting bogus results from fake accounts to convince others it is really happening and therefore that spending money on them is worthwhile. The entire pay for with gems is just to subvert gaming laws in most countries.

My worst week was one pair of gloves in one week (without special Quests). This was before the labatory. Now there are weeks with good items and days without any items. Level 4 items are still rare, but they are still existing. But I agree to you that the normal chests are getting worse. I can not prove it, maybe it is only a feeling. But this was already before the labatory.

Cheers Reder

Hey great titan chest!! Figured there would be someone who would post a “ dazzler”. So, let me just out right ask you… do you feel the loot has been worse since the last update or you totally fall for “ its rng”?

I believe there is staff on here besides the ones we obviously see like Petri every blue moon. They are disguised as regular players commenting/debunking complaints. If you read a lot of the threads you will start to see some of the comments that are “ just to Rosy” to be a believable opinion. Rng pulls, tourney broken, nerfed loot etc. Etc. It’s almost comical really. What’s more likely 1. No staff ever/ very rarely comments on forumns or, 2. They are present ( keeping the finger on the pulse of their livelihood ) acting as regulars doing “ damage control”? It’s a near billion dollar buisness… they are here.

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you’ve got multiple conspiracy theories going on at once.

This reminds me of when I went for a streak where maybe 6 elemental chests in a row showed up right around every other titan chest, often showing up in place of it. I knew I was on to something! I had seen the pattern!

Only I hadn’t. I’ve yet to see that repeat itself. RNG. We humans love finding patterns.

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I track my loot. So I can say with confidence that my loot is almost exactly on track in comparison with my last 5 months of play.

Also, I’m not “falling” for RNG. I understand how it works and I’m not much for conspiracy theories like staff pretending to be forum users to brainwash us all and loot being magically nerfed.


I can vouch for that. @Cvs does keep a very good record of his loot. I can go to him when I want to talk loot.


Wow, how is that conspiracy?

Our alliance seems to be getting loot just fine. There is still a usual number of people reporting 4*AM from various sources every day.

I don’t even think I need to explain it


Please do not spread false rumors, this is also a violation of our Forum Rules (#14 - do not spread false information). I’m closing this topic due to the false accusations.

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