Theory: Loot Has Been Nerfed to Force Using Alchemy Lab

I’m really starting to think that SG is nerfing all the 4* AM from the chests lately in a way to force us too utilize the Alchemy lab. I know everyone will claim it’s just bad rng but I honestly don’t expect anything worth value from the chests anymore and even MV ( which in the past surprised you every so often) has been disappointing.


U know what my chests have been horrendous! At least 3 raid chests a day and I’m tired of seeing crystal shards Firestone sunspire feathers and crypt mushroom. I used to be able to count on raid chests to have something good at least once or twice a week. But not anymore and to think of it. This has begun with the release of the alchemy lab.


Same thing with elemental chests last 3 out of 4 have been horrible as well.


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Example of 98 percent of my raid chests since alchemy lab came out


When ur raid chests look like 8-7 loot we have a problem.


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I can do this like 5 or 6 times a day. Chests have never been this bad. Even ones that didnt give good loot.


Actually you cannot so many times. You can skip for two more in an entire day.


Lol well I’m exaggerating obviously! But u get the pt lol. But sometimes I hold out on skips and that allows me to skip more then that. So I actually have skipped more then 3 times before.

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Totally. The update that released AL was the day the chest loot nose dived. I’m sure this was all planned. I’m sure there’s moles on here to pump it’s “rng” only- you guys are crazy!! But, answer me this… why now when someone gets a scope or something do they post it on the “bragging thread”? It’s like you’ve hit the lotto if you get something outside the special quests. What’s probably coming for “Hero Academy” is a reduction or rng type set up for “rare quests”… something like the rare titan- chance for a scope


Why pay gems to skip chest when the loot is 1 gem and axe?


It really isn’t worth skipping the chest. It also jumped, but I stopped recently. The poor serves are not justifying the expense of gems.

Same thing for the tournament, if you lose 4 times, better stop there than spend 75 gems for new chances. The prizes are very, very weak indeed.

Does SG want us to save money on buying and using gemstones? We will do this until prizes appear that are worth our effort.


I actually got a fine glove in one and a revive scroll in another. So at least they arent farmable. But last one was back to farming loot. But yeah exactly I have no problems spending gems to skip if I’m getting something every now and then but for stuff I can get just by using world energy…what’s the pt?


Can someone please open a thread about the reduced loot upon reveal of AL (sorry but I have no idea how to do it). This is far more important then ridiculous design of this new building. Within the period of the past few months I’ve also noticed significant decrease of 4* ascension materials in the loots that are:

  1. For 3 war cheasts (2 off 100% participation) received zero 4* acsension materials
  2. For around 8 last rare chests got only 1 4* ascension material
  3. For defeating dozens of 10-11 titans (incl rare) got only one 4* ascension material.
    At the moment I quit my alliance considering it pointless to spend time playing this game.
    Moreover and more important even if I’d buy all possible deals with 4* ascension materials this will take years now to upgrade ~15 legendary heroes currently sitting on 3-70. Effectively I don’t see reasonable justification to pull for another heroes as there’s no way I will ever Max them.

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I’ve split off that conversation to a new thread, thanks! :heart_decoration:


My alliance comembers 3 4* mats today tells a different story.

Seems to me you’re on a dry streak RNG wise.


Me too I got tabards on a monster chest


As one data point, in my last 33 Elemental Chests, I’ve had 7 4* Ascension Materials.

That averages out around 20% of the time, so having only one in 8 Chests would be an easy RNG experience.

In fact, amongst my last 33 Elemental Chests, I’ve had runs of 7+ Chests without a 4* mat multiple times:

  • 10 Chests in a row with no 4* mat
  • 8 Chests in a row with no 4* mat

I also had runs of multiple 4* mats in a short time:

  • 2 out of 3 Chests
  • 2 out of 5 Chests
  • 2 out of 2 Chests
  • 3 out of 8 Chests

That’s exactly what you’d expect from random distribution — it’s streaky.

So if you took a particular slice of my Elemental Chest history, you could say I had anything from a 0% drop rate to 100% drop rate, and basically anything in between, depending on what time period you decided to pick.

Trying to discern a pattern based on a small number of Chests won’t be a statistically meaningful result.

But if you wanted to collect hundreds of Elemental Chest results, that could give us more insights. Some of us routinely log our Chests in the thread linked above, which could be a useful starting point.



Dry streaks happen frequently enough to feel like loot has been nerfed. But a lot of it is just the tyranny of RNG.

In spite of claims to the contrary, I do tend to agree that something happened to elemental chests since the time I started playing, EHT are much more infrequent an unfarmables are also scarce. But that’s as far as I’m prepared to go on the sneaky nerf front.

War chests are a dice roll and you can either get a big payout or next to nothing.

In general loot feels pretty thin on the ground in all cases were specifics aren’t guaranteed. If you’re hitting past a certain point on titans you probably have some piles of 3* mats and may not be getting other stuff. Like a lot of people have a shortage of compasses or gloves and every superfluous orb of magic that drops from a titan feels like the middle finger because it’s not needed.

FWIW it used to be trap tools and shields that I had too many of, and for the past 6 months it’s been orbs everywhere.


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