Theory: levelling more 3* gives you more 4* (and so on ...)

I’ve recently been told that

… to get more 5* you need to have a lot of leveled 4*, the more 4* you have the higher the probability of getting a 5*

Of course, this can’t be true for summoning since the probability have been published. It could be true, however, for TC20.

I had never heard of this and I’m tempted to say that the number and quality of heroes you have has no influence on what you get from TC20.

Had anyone heard something like that?

We’ve got pretty good data on TC20, and there doesn’t really appear to be wild variation between individuals. Indeed, some of the low pull people who just started TC20 and don’t have many maxed 4*/5* have better 5* percentages than longer-term players with good benches.


Sounds like a distortion of this discussion:

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Ok, so it may affect the TC20 in the opposite direction, you say?
I’m level 35 with a quite good number of 5* already and so far my stats on TC20 are very bad:

All camps 11/10/18
88 days # %
3* 39 69,64%
4* 15 26,79%
5* 2 3,57%
tot 56

Those look to be well within the numbers one would expect (75% 3*, 20% 4*, 5% 5*). There are far worse candidates in the TC20 thread.

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Maybe. I suspect that it’s just our innate tendency of seeing patterns that created this theory.

I have no facts to disprove it, however. Maybe with a long collection of data (including the state of hero bench) we could guess something.

Or, more simply, if only the devs would disclosing the drop rates of TC!! :smile:

Actually, I think it’s completely random. I was just pointing out that there’s no real bias against the newer players evident in the data.

The current TC20 estimates are approximately:

75% 3*
19% 4*
6% 5*

So your stats really aren’t that bad. You’ve gotten one less 5* than average, and a few more 4* than average.

With 56 pulls, dead on average would be:

42 3*
11 4*
3 5*

So you’re really only short 1 5*, but over by 4 4*. That’s not awful luck.


I heard one time that a lady in an alliance was told if she would eat ALL of her 4* and 5s or something close like that she would get BETTER 5s. She Did NOT get them.

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Is it possible the original logic was just the well known theory that to level 5* you need to have a lot of leveled 4s heroes as a base to get the AM necessary for 5?

That at least makes some sense.

Yep, the awful luck is in the fact that both 5* were duplicates of not so useful 5* (Horgall and Richard).
Let’s wait patiently :laughing:


to make it short: nonsense.


You know you want Horghall as tank, flanked by two Richards!

I kept them all, of course.
But ascending them is postponed for long long time (for example, I will surely ascend my second Evelyn before ascending a second Horgall and I have some Blue 4* I want to ascend first like Grimm and Triton)

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