Theory crafting: will we ever see 6* heroes?

It’s an interesting thing to think about, but… like others have pointed out, given the progression from 4* to 5* in terms of rarity and needed ascension materials/cost, a 6* would really take an eternity. As a very active player, but without spending money on 4* ascension mats, it probably takes me roughly 5-6 months to get a set of mats for a rainbow 5* team (mileage varies as per the usual RNG being RNG)… much longer than getting mats for 4*. @Shallab’s guess of 2 years for a 6* doesn’t sound too far fetched. And if there’s a change of around 2% at the summons for a 5*, what would it be for a 6*…? Must be approaching something close to 0%… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think all things considered, such a major new addition would just throw off the existing balance way too much.

And in my experience, I’m nowhere near any sort of “end game” after about 14 months of playing. Just in recent months I’ve been able to level up a decent set of 5* - but still no yellow. And like with 4*, having your first team of maxed ones is great and a milestone, but after that there is use for many more heroes to deepen your bench.

All these things considered, I’ve mentioned this before, I think SG has achieved a great balancing act for this all to work, and allow for continuous progression for this long, and still really no end in sight. And for this to work with such a wide range of types of players, from entirely F2P to very big spenders, highly active and casual, and everything in between. My hat is still off to them.

So there will be no Chuck Norris clone then ??? :disappointed_relieved:

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As @Gryphonknight has said, there will be no 6* heroes.

Thankfully, to my mind.
Who needs another arms race, for great expense and huge cost in ascension items? I personally abhor the thought.

I have also heard that plans for making - existing - 5* heroes stronger are in the pipeline. That might be interesting. Then, we can work with what we have. And not start over with what we do not have. Big difference …

Chuck Norris is more than a 6* hero and he will appear when he decides to.

He killed his first titan before E&P game was thought about.


I hope to never see a 6 in this game. Personally I would much rather possibly down the line be able to make 4s into 5s by unlocking new abilities, and increasing stats. Now that would really open up a whole new dimension to this game, and also offer many possibilities for certain strategies. A Merlin that could go toe to toe with Guen comes to mind. Who doesn’t shiver at the idea of a 5 star Grimm, or Hansel, or Bold Tusk? Yeah, sign me up for that. But no thanks to constantly raising the bar on hero power, I’d much rather open up other avenues in this game to enjoy out time with.


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