Theory crafting: will we ever see 6* heroes?

First and foremost I am not making demands or saying this is even a great idea. This is just theory crafting, or a thought experiment. It was placed in general instead of the ideas and suggestions forum for this reason.

The fact of the heart of the question is players want to progress. When there is little for them to do at an “end game” situation people get bored. A new tier of hero would give them something to do.

Balance! Everyone has an opinion of xxx is to strong look at the top 100 it’s all xxx hero etc. By adding a 6* set of heroes you can wipe the game clean. Yes 5* will be viewed as weaker but everyone starts off with 4* then works up to 5* then if it was possible 6*.

Where else can we go? Hotm’s will continue to get stronger and stronger the gap now between tc 20 heroes and newly added heroes are starting to be in a league of thier own.

So all your saying is to increment by 1?

Oh please, no. There are other directions we can go like mini-titans, specialty quests with goals or requirements, or small temporary maps that only last for a day. Content options abound.


Well yes, like we have 4* and 5* now, the proposed concept would be adding a 6 down the road. The difference should be similar to that one a 4 vs a 5* hero. Yes a 4* can beat a 5* in some situations but you have a whole new tier of heroes then that you could ascend.

Mini Titans and small maps are more of a bandaid fix. Eventually you will hit a ceiling of what you can do with current hero stats.

We can BARELY get ascension materials NOW for 5’s…what do you think a 6 would look like? I venture to not even think about the cost or the time for that…JMHO.


The Devs actions ( edit ) have already said no to 6* heroes.

Instead they are working on a system to buff the stats and abilities of your 1*- 5* heroes.

Rumor has it the first step will boost stats like using a permanent troop and also add a passive skill like “every time this hero takes damage, all allies get pie” ( but probably more combat oriented).

So chasing good 3*/ 4* /5* heroes is good idea. Which means 3* Vlad will not be replaced.


God I hope not. Ain’t nobody has time for ascending 6* heroes, there’s more than enough hassle ascending a 5*. What we need is more different regular 5* heroes that anyone can get from TC, not this.


I kinda like the idea of a troop with hero like leveling ascending. This would solve most if not all of the concerns about “where to go next” and raising the bar for advancement.

Titan S2
I agree with you and posted that some time ago.

A bunch of different titans for S2.

That won’t work because of how the Devs designed attack/ defense/ HP.

Level 30, 4* Troops are the max under the system the Devs have designed.

Argh. Forgot the troop analogy.

Think of it like a an enchanted armor set. As you upgrade your current armor, you also gain stat bonuses to attack/ defense/ HP.

To answer your question: no, we probably never see 6* heroes.

But we’ll see a system to upgrade the current heroes as it resemble they had 1 more star.

So in a sense… something similar.

Terrible idea

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Still just as cool… The idea was more or less " how can we continue to get the feeling of progression" witoit some sort of change.

I like the armor idea even better as it feels more like a mmo than anything. Especially with the mention of armor skins in the ideas forum.

Quite surprised at the consensus on this one. Again I said in the very beginning I was not asking for this, just a little theory crafting or “what if” type of thing.

I look forward to waiting 2 years to acquire the materials to ascend a 6* hero.


I think it would be a good idea if they added other possibilities besides the monster/raid/titan “Wanted” chests, with the VERY occasional elemental chest tossed in. Or possibly buffed rewards of other levels so 99.99999% of the player base doesn’t just blindly farm 8-7 for the rest of eternity.

Oh god, please no 6* heroes

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Oh wait - so they do planning to upgrade all heroes with additional states at certain point of time? (Like champion them) That’s great news to hear abt it!!

Maybe we will see armor, helmets, gloves, swords etc since other similar games have these items…and rare mats to craft these items

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