Theobald totally broken

He was the only circus hero on a team I just fought but somehow his special was totally undispellable. I hit him with Melendor twice and all of the opposing heroes resisted both times. Thanks to that, they are totally impervious to anything that can be done—for example, the typical way to get around damage reflect is using a DoT hero such as JF, but that is a negative status effect that gets reflected too. So I’m left with dispelling that whole mess, but I can’t. So there is absolutely nothing I can do as every move I make, every single tile and every single special, comes back and kills me.

@EmpiresPuzzles you do want people to continue to play your game, right? Because with heroes like this, I see lots of players—including myself—leaving. What’s the point of playing if I can’t possibly win?

Mel can’t dispel Theo. Melendor is a nature hero. Theobald special reflects nature.

Why JF was reflected and why tiles came back to hurt you I don’t have an answer for.


Using a non-Green dispeller should work.

No idea why JF damage was reflected.

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Was there Elradir in enemy team? He can reflect DoT


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