Theobald & Bertila, they can’t be played together?

Just come across an issue that may or may not be a bug. Just fought Costume Leo & Marj. & they cast their elemental
Def down after I cast Theobald special. Costume Marj. hit & I then used Bertilas special which usually lifts the elemental def down & throws it on the enemy but because Theobalds special was in effect all allies resisted Bertilas special??? Surely this should only happen when enemy nature heroes special attack not when an ally hero tries to lift it ! Just because Bertila is a nature hero she is getting reflected by Theo’s special too !!! I’m 90% sure this shouldn’t happen cuz it’s in the description ……’enemies nature specials’. It doesn’t say ‘ALL’ nature specials, only enemies. Please sort this in the next bug fixes !!!


That should definitely not happen. Ursena and a yellow cleaner on the same team work fine, so should Theobald and bertilla…

My thoughts exactly !! How do I escalate this to a proper bug as I think it is something the devs have overlooked !!!

Best you can do is post some Screenshots where we can see what’s happening, or even better a video.
And then just hope someone from the staff sees it here.
Normally bugs like that with heroes not working properly get at least recognized (although it can coast some time till it’s solved :sweat_smile:)

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I’ve taken screenshots just after enemy Tiburtus fires, before Theo fires. Another screenshot just after Theo’s special but before Bertila fires & a final shot of the defence ailment not been lifted & given to the enemy because as you can clearly see the RESIST when Bertila fires, all allies resisted it because of Theo’s special & because Bertila is nature but she’s an ally not an enemy as it’s worded in Theo’s special description. I have a video also but I couldn’t upload it.

I thought I’d post screenshots of what happens if Theo doesn’t fire 1st & it’s what should happen regardless of whether Theo fires or not. The def. down can be seen on the 1st screenshot, Bertila fires & you can see it listed & thrown on to the enemy. No resist like when Theo’s special is in effect. In my opinion this is a huge bug !!! It completely negates Bertilas special when allied with Theo which has a good probability of occurring especially in rush wars !!! It was my plan anyway as they are both heavy hitters but slow, perfect for rush war !!! I hope some dev. reads this & addresses it soon.


For that you need to upload it on a different video portal and post a link here, but I think that’s not necessary, those Screenshots are pretty clear.

@Petri I think this could be interesting to look into…

I hope the devs see this !! Surely they should monitor this forum constantly to stay on top of any issues !!! I don’t think I can be any clearer as to the bug & I’m 99% sure it’s a bug. Come on devs. Read the posts !!!

Come on devs !!! Read this post !!! Theobald is not working correctly !!!


Just wondering if this has been looked into, have a lovely day

No. Not yet. I think I created a support ticket. I started a conversation off within the game, technical help - discovered a bug. Explained but no reply. Don’t even know if I did it correctly. It’s a proper bug preventing Bertila to lift ailments after Theo has fired.

Just checked & it’s not been replied to yet !! It’s been there for 3 days now.


Any word on this?

There’s been a reply via the in game ticket but no word on anything being done yet. Issue still there !!

This is still an issue…

@milkyjoe001 seems they will fix it in the next version


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