Then they say that whoever pays has no advantage

image redacted by mod to avoid naming and shaming

Look at this image will be that all my allies do not know how to use the heroes they have. See the amount of attacks on an opponent only, with 3800 power team and do not finish, ridicule the board they provide for wars

I am not sure what you are saying or implying.
If your team is playing wrong, try to tell then the right way.
If that does not work find a new alliance home.
If that is not the answer make your wording more plain to us
If all else fails try another game


It does seem like they struggled but naming and shaming never helped anyone improve.


Boards are pretty random today some of our strongest team members level 50+ were only punching holes cause what ever colour they took in Everything else came that’s just the way it goes win some loose some but for that the lower level members cleaning up are happy to be higher than usual on the scoreboard !!! I got lucky wining 5/6 attacking all 4000+ exept with team 6 i went for a 3500 opponent cause my team 6 is only 3049 but I won that last hit !!!
So I would like to see what hero’s your membes took in to do that bad and what defence they were up against !!!
They are definitely doing something wrong !!
I would recommend 3-2 against tank and strongest support !!!


We use all heroes of the same color , we pass this on to our allies but I will try to bring the teams used in the attacks

I never use all heroes of the same color. Too much variance.


That was me yesterday and after my first battle which should have been a win I got only a tank bust and another hero gone. #worseluck #itiswhatitis

But yea sometimes that’s how it goes .in the end didn’t do too bad despite being unlucky

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we use the same colored strategy to knock down the central heroes and open the opponent’s defense, making it easier for allies to attack later: thumbsup:

Use the RIGHT mono team well and all is good. Use the wrong team poorly and scores will suffer.

I run exclusively mono and routinely score 5/6 one-shot kills and 300+ points. I finish top in war about half the time. Top 5 almost always (among both teams)

Mono is NOT ~that~ variable.

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@zephyr1 @Garanwyn

Please review - there’s a language barrier here, but this seems like a violation of the naming and shaming rule (albeit a weird one since it’s inter-alliance).


I’ve redacted the image to avoid naming and shaming. If you want to discuss your teammates not doing well in war, please do so without naming them.


I only post the shame that is being the boards that send to my allies, shame

Sorry for the several times we are harms with board that has been harming us, So from what I see, I must stay without saying and see that we are harmed, and pretend that nothing happens. D

It was far from clear in your message that you were complaining about the boards.

When you say:

That sounds like you’re complaining about your allies not knowing how to use their heroes.

I think there’s a question mark missing at the end of that sentence. ‘Will it be that all my allies do not know how to use the heroes they have(?). It’s ridiculous the boards they (the game) provide for wars.’

Dunno, it makes sense when you write the original post in portuguese, which I assume it’s the language of OP :thinking:

Edit. @Rudison Using teams of the same color can be a double edged sword. I would suggest using it only to finish off very strong teams. If everybody in your alliance does the same thing in all wars and all of your teammates get bad boards, scores like those in your pic can happen… It happens very often actually :frowning:

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