Then & Now - Side by side screenshots of Original/Equipped/Unequipped costumes & Class Talent Grids (update Jan 25 2021 - Round 3 costumes added)

Did you use the skill multiplier or just look at the attack stats?

Their special. Original does 300% damage, costume does 280%.

You need to see the absolute damage. Not just the %.

Also, consider the secondary effects.

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The numbers seem shifted from special mutiplier to attack stat, which is not just higher outcome but also an increase in tile damage.
As Airhawk suggests, you should compare the result numbers, not just stats or special multipliers as isolated…


I don’t know how to calculate total damage. Can you please tell me what it is for each version?

You get a stats bonus for leveling the costume? And you don’t have to use the costume to use the bonus?

Also: Do you have to level the hero to Level the costume? Do you have to emblem the hero to level or emblem the costume?

Thanx for your help :hugs:

Yes you get a stats bonus for leveling the costume. The bonus reaches the max when the costume is maxed. The level of the costume is not capped by the level of the original hero but the ascension tier of the costume is capped by the original hero (so it is possible to get the hero to 4/1 and max the costume).

You only emblem the original hero, the costume follows the same path on another class’ track (so you need to max the original hero if you wanna emblem the costume).

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Yes, that’s the tricky part. You only are able to emblem the hero using original class emblems. So if you are gonna use the costume, you need to emblem the hero, but choosing the nodes you want to have active on the costume’s tree.


Check this FAQs for the costumes :slight_smile: explains it all + some other common questions.

Almost cry when I discover the pics In the first post. Those emblems path together will be very helpful, no more screen shots needed, thanks! Any plan on update with new costumes?

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after I get over the sad state of getting no cool stuff from the may chamber :sob: :clown_face:


Sorry for that. After a long time pulling feeders, costumes event was good for me, not nice costumes but got Clarissa and at the same time Marjana in TC20 (no fast 5* in roster till now) Also finaly Magni is at final tier and his costume is out. Have time for one more pull so fingers crossed.

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I would say good luck, but you already seem to have it :wink:

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Just discovered and Understand now thnaks dir your effort

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Thanks for sharing. I love the costumes. Especially Magni and lianna. Both become extremly fast with highly leveled mana troops. That make them absolutely competitive.

@Mr_Smile this thread should help

and copying the most relevant question. In summary:

  1. Each hero only has ONE costume
  2. You can switch between hero and costume
  3. You only use emblems on the base hero; when you use the costume, the hero keeps the same number of emblems but switches to the emblem of the costume

You can only emblem the original (un-costumed) class. The costumed class path will follow the same node layout of the original. As an example; check Rigard’s class paths. If you want to take the health nodes on ranger class, you need to pick the corresponding nodes in cleric class, which results in an irrelevant path for uncostumed Rigard

they don’t have costumes…

Kelile is a “classic” hero available from Training Camp. But she doesn’t have one yet.

Hansel is a hero only available from Challenge Events. As far as I know, there are no plans to give such heroes costumes.

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Hansel is an event hero so is very unlikely to be on the list.
Others, like Kellie, Thorne, Obakan’t etc are still waiting

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:joy: :joy: :joy: That’s amazing xD

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