Then & Now - Side by side screenshots of Original/Equipped/Unequipped costumes & Class Talent Grids (update Jan 25 2021 - Round 3 costumes added)

The 48% attack boost is what put the “Bold” in Boldtusk… and the new version is down to 30%… I don’t think is worth… and what the hell is with the cook outfit? Gormek should have a cook outfit… he’s “the hungry”… Maybe I’m missing something…


Stat boosted, but undressed will be best for half of the costumes.

And if leveled, you may dress in certain situations to have the other class or (e.g. Sonya dispel undressed / cleanse dressed) special ready.

I see costumes as an option to create variety. Good to have it ready, but only situational necessary.


They corrected some faulty heroes. Others they just make the costume for the fun. Disrespectful costume for Liana… a shame, archer’s have so many options… put Rigard or Joon in such ridiculous costumes too…

Whoever made Sonya: thanks, a badass warrior… such a shame Liana don’t get the same treatment. Not to mention Vivica…

When you max Boldtusk Chef your original Boldtusk is going to get +5% to attack, +5% defense and +10% HP. That in itself makes it worth it. My +20 original Boldtusk has now better stats than even maxed Seshat without emblems.

And he’s a monk, there isn’t any regular healer (4* or 5*) that is a monk and he will be useful in Trials of Justice, in my case my only healer.


Still, as @Olmor says, I think I’ll pass on using the costume. Max it get the stats bonus and store it away. Wear it for the trials, ok, but not for raids or wars.

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Whats the problem… if you hate them you don’t gotta use them… The choice is yours :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: finished reading to the very bottom & you said as much :stuck_out_tongue:

This is very true.

This increases your roster options especially during trials.

I will max all possible costumes except those that I already don’t really find any use.

For costumes like BT, max it to give bonus stats to the original and also use him for monk trials when needed.

I found a cool way to move. the game again
but I noticed that my prezaudaz lost 17% of the attack buff

I got Sonya, excellent costume and ability to swap to a cure effect. I really wanted Old Man Richard, those stat and special changes make him amazing.


It would be nice if when Dawa’s/Isshtak’s/Karil’s turn to wear costumes come, they get a mini Pulverizer.


I made this table that maybe can help. If anyone seee any errors, please let me know.


Well done.

Now for another side side comparison for skills would be nice.

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I wonder if anyone had been beaten to the post with these diagrams…

… You were just about to hit the new post button when somebody else posts the same diagrams…

Thanks for posting these images.
Putting them into the old spreadsheet shows the average improvement in total hero power to be:
5* +41
4* +35
3* +24
I didn’t calculate the total ham and item cost to see if it’s worth it. Leave that to someone else. Probably already done anyway.

There is 3 status for the heroes after costumes released : - before costumes / after costumes maxed the status of the original heroes changed … here some of it :


pm me if you wish to provide unaltered fullscreen snaps and I’d be willing to add unequipped stats to the OP.
I need screenshots of all related heroes with hero/costume maxed and costume unequipped and most difficult of all -at zero class level-
I can’t spare time to edit numbers, etc. so I need real images.
I’ll simply generate 3 column versions of the original images and update as I obtain them

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Great work here, just pulled a dup of a costume-able hero and wanted to refresh my memory on what the costume does, and wiki does not have any info, so this is really appreciated!

Wish SGG had an in-game index of all heroes, etc… so any HotM, costume, S2, S3, etc hero card can be looked up. Maybe that is what Hero Academy will be!! Scary thing is HA might be even less useful than a hero reference thing lol :sweat_smile:


This was my thought!


Great with all the cards! Bookmarked. Not to take away from this I have the values included for original, costume not wearing and costume wearing located here: Costumed Hero Card Values Release 1 - Original, Unequipped, Equipped


How so? Costume does less damage than the original.

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