Then & Now - Side by side screenshots of Original/Equipped/Unequipped costumes & Class Talent Grids (update Jan 25 2021 - Round 3 costumes added)

Awesome pics Oval. If it’s not too much to ask, can you find and post the cards of vanilla heroes AFTER the costume bonus is applied? For example, here’s your pics of Bane, maxed original on the left vs. maxed costume on the right:

And here’s Bane maxed original but with the costume bonus:

I imagine it’ll be helpful because in Bane’s case for example, I’d rather use the Maxed original hero with the costume bonus than the maxed costume. It has less attack but more damage and it’s sturdier with higher defense and Health.

Perhaps the same is true for other heroes as well?


Tiburtus reminds me of KISS or someone…


These costumes are for kids and it makes me not want to play the game anymore which is disappointing, because it was good when I first began to play in July 2018, but now it’s rolling down hill. Some like the designs and artwork, but I’m not a fan. I could say more, but want to keep it short and I’ll summarize my thoughts with one word, FATALITY!

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Thank You for this! ***

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The original is Gandalf the grey and the costumed Gandalf the white :wink:


Nope. He became Saruman.


Nope. Costume has higher attack on the skill and tile damage.

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I would love to, if I could, but for that I’d need to own each and every costumable hero and their respective costumes, not to mention all maxed… :whale:


Gunnar should be a wizard, since he manages to have more defense without his armor :thinking:


Since he’s active in the raid tournament, you can’t use the costume, so it’s grayed out. After the tournament, you should see the red color.

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Is Lianna a Sailor Moon?


I’d say yes :gift_heart:


nice job, congratulations, many will look and will not even remember that they left aside some work, or something else to do it TMJ

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True. But you could ask the community for help and have people posr their pics here. Or, you could cheat and calculate the base stats, or someone could do that for you. I say so because I have no photo editing skills myself.


Why ruin Boldtusk?! He was a proud ork with a 50% attack buff, now he’s a clown in a cook’s outfit with a 30% attack buff… the others are decent… Oh, right! Li Xiu is even more worthless than before… if that’s possible…

This should be 3 stats comparison. Just like post 21 by @BigLordF.

  1. Regular stats
  2. Costume stats
  3. Costume bonus only stats (costume is maxed, but take off the costume)

For me he’s not ruined at all, I am more focused on healing…

Ruin Boldtusk? I also prefer his original form but will be happy with costume bonus stats. I think some heros got improved with the costume and others will just benefit from the costume bonus. Either way I think boldtusk is one of the best reg 4* and didn’t need to be fully re thought so his stat only boost is a good thing


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