Then & Now - Side by side screenshots of Original/Equipped/Unequipped costumes & Class Talent Grids (update Jan 25 2021 - Round 3 costumes added)

Costumes FAQ too:


i wonder why they didn’t give him a white hat? :thinking::joy:

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Thank you very much for doing this work! Seeing it all together really helps; I am not convinced that every costume is an actual improvement. Boldtusk jumps out at me. I don’t care if his stats increase since he already survives just fine. And his heal is sufficient for me as is since I never run him as the only healer (except against titans). What I actually want from him is the fat attack bonus, which the costume decreases. Plus his revive as a fighter is taken away when he enters the kitchen.

I could also see an argument for Isarnia - it sin’t clear if (admittedly way) better tiles and a larger special damage percentage offset a 10% lesser defense debuff. I mean, Grimm can already do costumed Isarnia’s effect, and at faster mana speed.

Tiburtus is another possibility where I may prefer the un-costumed version.


One other issue with the emblems is like Melendor. I have him at +20 and a L11 mana troop. This lets him charge at 9 tiles instead of 10. Hedrops to 8 if used with Buchan or Khagan(24% boosters). But is I use the costume, he does a HoT and takes longer to charge. He also loses his minion chance as well.

I think this was something that started as a good idea. Then it got complex with emblems and things like that and I think we haven’t even seen all the problems that will eventually arise.

I also just am failing to see and I said this before release, the use for them in general.

It seems that new players could benefit but as a new player you want new heroes to get better and move to 4,5*. So spending time on leveling a costume with minimal benefit doesn’t seem useful. Longer term players have better heroes in the 4 and 5* range. You have ones like me who have a handful of 5* leveled and some still being worked on. The goal is to continue leveling them to make better teams. In my case like many, you have mostly S1 heroes and maybe a few event, S2 or HOTM. With the severe limit on resources, and I know the costumes take much less, I can’t see using most of these.

I don’t want to rehash things that have been discussed at length before these came out. I just think people are going to chase new heroes. I don’t see a lot of spending for the costumes. The spenders want new heroes from events and HOTM. They likely have all the S1 and have moved onto using S2 and event heroes. This is a generalization but I don’t see this drawing money like new heroes would.

I just wish they would have taken this time and put it into the HA. That thing is what I am really waiting for. MAny are as well. We have tons of dupes hoping to try for better heroes. I would just like more chances at event heroes and the coins are a nice start though even if you beat all the stages you still need more from farming to get 2 pulls.

Anyhow, it just seems like a complex idea that could have worked but it should have maybe been shelved and thought through to address emblems, etc. It may work out and maybe we will see new top 100 line ups of Thorne, Horghall, Vivica, Khagan, Quintus.

If you take a serious look at the stat boost and the new skills almost all of them are underwhelming. Also if you do plan to pull for Vivica or someone else like Sonya, you are better doing it now. The pool of costumes is small right now. I assume they will just add new ones to the existing pool and not only have a limited pool each month. So soon that Viv costume will be mixed in with all the other costumes and the chances for getting it will greatly decrease. It is the only one I think really could make a huge difference since she is yellow and it would be nice against all those purples like Kage, Seshat, Sartana, etc. I have her, now I just need to pull her costume which has the about the same odds as pulling a legendary hero. UGHHH. Just let us have HOTM in the TC already!!!


The new looks of Hawkmoon, Richard and Rigard ftw! Others don’t look that good.

Thanks for the smooth comparison. Let’s see who’ll be the next ones.

Baywatch Belith?
Undertaker Ulmer?
Barkeeper Jahangir with plates on his hand?
Grandmother Greymane?
Sean Connery Caedmon?

There are so many yet to come!


Awesome pics Oval. If it’s not too much to ask, can you find and post the cards of vanilla heroes AFTER the costume bonus is applied? For example, here’s your pics of Bane, maxed original on the left vs. maxed costume on the right:

And here’s Bane maxed original but with the costume bonus:

I imagine it’ll be helpful because in Bane’s case for example, I’d rather use the Maxed original hero with the costume bonus than the maxed costume. It has less attack but more damage and it’s sturdier with higher defense and Health.

Perhaps the same is true for other heroes as well?


Tiburtus reminds me of KISS or someone…


These costumes are for kids and it makes me not want to play the game anymore which is disappointing, because it was good when I first began to play in July 2018, but now it’s rolling down hill. Some like the designs and artwork, but I’m not a fan. I could say more, but want to keep it short and I’ll summarize my thoughts with one word, FATALITY!

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Thank You for this! ***

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The original is Gandalf the grey and the costumed Gandalf the white :wink:


Nope. He became Saruman.


Nope. Costume has higher attack on the skill and tile damage.

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I would love to, if I could, but for that I’d need to own each and every costumable hero and their respective costumes, not to mention all maxed… :whale:


Gunnar should be a wizard, since he manages to have more defense without his armor :thinking:


Since he’s active in the raid tournament, you can’t use the costume, so it’s grayed out. After the tournament, you should see the red color.

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Is Lianna a Sailor Moon?


I’d say yes :gift_heart:


nice job, congratulations, many will look and will not even remember that they left aside some work, or something else to do it TMJ

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True. But you could ask the community for help and have people posr their pics here. Or, you could cheat and calculate the base stats, or someone could do that for you. I say so because I have no photo editing skills myself.

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