Thematic Color Differences

Certain abilities are more prevalent in one color than the others. One example would be the blindness debuff (- accuracy) belonging to yellow heroes.

I have two questions for the community. Can you think of other abilities which are more common to specific colors? And do you like the idea of SG making a conscious effort to keep the colors somewhat distinct?

On the flip side, I personally hope we don’t see too many more heroes like Clarissa (e.g. similar design to an existing red hero, just in a different color). I like the idea of certain abilities or designs being unique to one color for the sake of variety. Just my 2 cents. Looking forward to hearing your opinions.

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Revive is exclusive to greens

I think mana causing mindless attack is exclusive to darks

You have the obvious like burn - red, poison - dark, etc but those don’t really count I guess.

I do like certain abilities being “assigned” to certain elements because it forces people to use other heroes and abilities. If all options were available in all colors, you might see a difference in colors but would essentially be fighting the same heroes.

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No mana gain exclusive to dark? Can only think of Proteus and Hel.

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Freezing is a holy sickness. :wink:

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