The Zeline Wizard conundrum

So I’ve had time to digest the new class system a bit now - even to extent of publishing a guide about it.

There’s one thing that I’ve been mulling over though and wanted feedback from the community on.

The Wizard class gives you a % chance to do 15% extra damage on normal and special attacks for every buff your opponent has. To me this makes them a great counter to the likes or Aegir, Wibur, Aeron and Ares who buff their teams with multiple buffs when their special fires.

Initially - Zeline seems like a great choice for Wizard Emblems - however her special counts against her in that it debuffs the enemy … so once her special fires, it makes her Class ability redundant until the enemy buffs again. Her being fast as well goes against her here. Most buffing abilities are in Avg to Slow to V.Slow mana, meaning she’ll often fire before buffs are activated on defence. (On attack you can choose the right moment, but may result in you holding off using it until the time is better, thus reducing the effect of her attack down)

What are peoples thoughts on this? Am I missing something?

I don’t think you’re missing something, and at least a couple others have thought it a bit odd or unfortunate too:

As a counterpoint, I suppose, as a fast hitter, Zeline can potentially hit before average or slower buffs are cast, and then again after — by which point her Jinx may prove fatal.

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Great point - which works well in the fast meta attacking game I guess. Aim for the double hit to finish matches quickly with great burst damage. Does seem to rely more on board manipulation to get enough green tiles though this way.

I might have to adjust my guide after realising this I think.

Thanks for the feedback.

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You’re welcome, glad it helps!

I think you’re right, it does mean board manipulation becomes more important — which I actually think is a good thing for the game.

I think you can also make the case that if Zeline fails to kill a buffed enemy, a dispel is beneficial at that point. Barring a very favorable board, it’s unlikely she’d be ready to take another shot before the buffs wore off anyway.

On average, I think you’d be better off without the buffs staying intact than hoping to hit again in time.

So, perhaps, this isn’t a shortcoming of Zeline as a Wizard, but rather a helpful safety net.

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I don’t think it is a great problem.
Yes she debuff, but as other said she first hit and then debuff, meaning she can still apply the wizard effect before dispel.

And i do not even bother waiting the right timing. Wizard effect is only a chance, and her strenght reside on debuffing attack.
I would rather shot her special as soon as possible (max waiting 1 turn if the opponent already has full mana) and then counting on her fast mana to shoot another soon after. What’s more, AoE hitters really benefit from wizard class.

So yes, her special is not the best thing for her class, but still works much better comparing her to Guinevre.
I still think she is a great candidate for Wizard tokens.


I agree.

It is also possible every 1-2 years the Devs will add +20 to classes and an additional talent with its own path.

Sorcerer +40 with choice between Delay - mana generation debuff- and Rot - healing bonus debuff.

Book of heroes rolled out enchants at +3 nodes, then +6 total, then +9 total then rolled out double node paths.

Going slow is often the best path for Devs.

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Hmmm, I do often “sacrifice” her in raids just so my other guys can attack without being riposted.

I have her on the attack emblem path though so she does maximum damage when there’s no riposte, I figure she’s fast so her base damage is low…