The WORST Possible Team

ET NOW, DUDES, which one is the best…eeeee…worst 5*team?

…but psssst, I like them all bec they are MY TEAM :slight_smile:

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Lol, good job. But I think it might be even worse with owl in the middle because Thorne might at least fire once!

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And maybe Atomos on the wing where he’s likely not to fire at all. He’s easy to kill with specials, a little harder with gems.

It’s funny to speculate this way but I stand by it, any team of maxed 5* heroes will sit comfortably in diamond. I guess to be more specific, I should say within reasonable perimeters. Guin on the wing is just ridiculous. That’s just silly. But within reason, yeh. You can spend 0$ and make a defense team that holds cups in diamond. What are all the slow tc20 heroes? Elena, Justice, quintus, horghal… I don’t think blue has slow but it has Thorne lmao. Yeah max out those 5 heroes, you’ll keep diamond. As long as you earn cups daily attacking. Your defense will hold cups. With like the worst 5* team you can build within reason


Oh blue does have a slow 5* in tc20 and she’s DOPE, Isarnia is actually really good. Aight build a defense of slow tc20 5* heroes and you’re good. You can make it worse if you wanna. Put Margaret in there somewhere, put atomos in there. Whatever. Still probably solid enough to hold cups in diamond as long as you can win raids.


Cyprian- Hu Tao - Skittles - Wilbur - Cheshire
Atmos - Mok Arr - G Kong - G owl - Thorne

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This mixed 4* and 5*
This tppic asking about worst 4* team and worst 5* team :wink:

Boril - Captain of Diamonds - Ameonna - Gobbler - Cyprian

Guinevere - Leonidas - Guardian Owl - Mok-Arr - Justice (bring mono purple team against them, Mok-Arr will be your sixth hero)


B Wolf - G Owl - Atomos - Mok-Arr - Rumple

@SWEG my defense team currently is 4 maxed 5* and a highly-emblemed BT (he goes to eleven!). They’re not the worst 5* but they’re what I currently have. Aeron, Vivica, Richard, Gregorion. I’m not sure a fifth 5* would improve over BT. I do win my share of raids, filling a chest each day.

I float in and out of diamond with that. I don’t have the bench strength yet to sustain myself in diamond. I lose as much (actually more) as I win against teams 4000+ still. A lot of my heroes are stuck at third ascension.

So, yes a max 5* of any reasonable setup should keep you in diamond proviced you have the bench strength. But then a highly emblemed team of the right 4* would also work. And with the bench strength you are unlikely to use, say, a Quintus in your defense team.

Jack is one of the best when emblemed!
Wipes out an entire army with his fast and heavy attack together with zimkitha!


If your fifth 5* would be a non healer, it would be a massive improvement. 3 healers on defense is too many. Although a lot of people might just not raid you because of how annoying your team looks lol which will help maintain cups just by default.


use any purple team to attack without receiving any damage from specials

This team was so bad it didn’t even follow directions correctly! :rofl:


Yeah it just so happened to go that way with my 5*. I’m working on a 5th to max but not red (Lianna), and I find it hard to consider replacing BT in my team :smile:

I recall reading somewhere on here that you should build your defense team the same as you would your attack team, since it also attacks. And, Lianna and Greg together are awesome on attack.

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Just farmed with that team and it wasn’t that bad. :wink:

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No, for 8-7 or even frostmarch it would be pretty handy :joy:


if u put gobbler in a team, you already did bad lol

tbh he’s ok. defense is just dreadful though.

Hopefully he’ll be useful against a minion inferno.

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