The WORST Possible Team


Inspired by @SWEG

What is the worst possible 5* team and 4* team. No duplicates.

Which skills have no synergy?

And can you colour stack a whole team of stinkers?

I’m not saying these heroes are all awful, just my opinion of the easiest to beat five.

I’m going to go…

Skittleskull - Melendor - Gobbler - LJ - Danzaburo


Horghall - Elkanen - Liana - Kadilen - Morgan

Disagree? Fine, can you do better er…worse?

Tanks a lot - Can Classic Heroes Still Hold the Centre?


Oooo good thinking @FraVit93. They look dreadful!

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You all must be drunk…

Lianna one of the best TC20 snipers.

Wilbur is one of the best hero’s in the game!
Cyprian great for challenges etc…


Or either you read, comprehend and “post under this topic’s rule” or you are off topic.


yeah that 5* green stack doesn’t seem that bad

But Cyprian in a corner is nothing


Ripostes in a corner, paired with spirit link. THe lowest defence as a tank, and if you were thinking it couldn’t be worse, Danzaburo freezes :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed, but in my green stack defence, she’ll be toast in the first attack.

As I said, all these heroes have uses, it’s about bad synergy


For the 5* team, I’d probably stick with my answer from the cup-dropping thread a while ago:

For 4*, I’m thinking Kasshrek - Jackal - Scarlett - Boril - Cyprian.

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Are we obligated to put them in the most useful positions?

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I would assume no if Cyprian is placed on the wing.


What about using duplicates?

a 4* mono of 5 Ameonna would be less than stellar.


Gobbler as tank to give these ghosts some fire power :fire:


No dupes


I dont have many 5 stars so thats hard for me.
But 4 stars i think would make a crap team are,
Agwe - Danzaburo - Gobbler - Wu Kong -Jack O Hare

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Sorry, must have unintentionally skipped over that part when reading the first post.

So, from my hero collection I’d say these are pretty bad.

5*: Elena / Elkanan / Quintus / Horghall / Justice

4*: Boril / Hu Tao / Ameonna / Colen / Cyprian

Neither is rainbow, and some are good heroes out of position.


I would forgive you, but I think the convoluted new mission statement of the RCT forbids it. Or I have to give you a cookie first :thinking:


Cupcakes also work, or so @Kayo claims.





I didn’t think of Kash, he could substitute for Cyprian in mine to make it rainbow.