The worst game experience: Base on Luck

6 consecutive raids give me One to Four Effective and discontinuous Tiles in the first three rounds of the each raid. What a bad idea on the game design. I think SG should design hero who can change the Tiles Color from the board if SG must be designed the game to be based on luck.

Otherwise I stop recharging all games and wait a month or two. If the game is still not improving, I give up and delete the game.

Finally, I paid $5,000 for the game, and finally I got a terrible experience. I really want SG Game Designer to go to hell. :anger:

If you bought a high level account illegally, you have zero experience or skill in playing. This is predictable. It takes months to learn to play well.

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Who told you I bought an illegal account? What evidence do you have? You are so ignorant, don’t talk about it here, will you?

I’ve been playing for half a year, and I’ve recharged $5,000. I don’t want to reply to you anymore. What experience do you talk to me about, how do you play, what strategies do you play?

it happens , i was okay with RaidT for 3 days and got perfect score , but 2 last day i got 8x lost due on bad boards. just get used to it and stop bragging , it wont help you

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What I need is a change in the way the game is played, not a change in the way the player adapts to the game. Who is playing whom?

I apologise for misinterpreting your statement “I paid”. In English that usually means “I bought”.
I am sorry for your bad luck. It must be very upsetting after spending so much money.

I feel emotional. I don’t want this post to affect others, so I closed it.

I see you flagged your own post, and have commented that you intended to close it.

So I’ll close it for you. :slight_smile:

Closed per request of OP.

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