The winner of my 6th tonic should be


Telluria is probably the best overall hero, but I already have Heimdall at +19. I can give emblems to Morgan. I could give a few to Zocc or Kadilen (no costume). This hero will probably be used solely for war depth and possibly some raiding.

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All good choices.hope you enjoy.

I would ascend ratotoskr over telluria. Great for titans, has 44%(!) heal at avg speed, and extra punch to your tiles can help bust tanks.

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Ratatoskr is fully leveled. He doesn’t want any more tonics than he already has.


I should’ve zoomed in. LOL.

I ascended Zocc, he is useful for PVE. A bit trickier on raids and war, with some innate mana resistors.


What do you think of Gregorian?

Gregorian sits at 1-1. He has a critical chance that can help with titans, but my knowledge of him is limited. I don’t see him a lot on raids and I haven’t played him except on the very first few levels of tavern of Legends when I can get away with him at 1-1

I am debating ascending him.

I couldn’t find much about critical chance in this game on the forums, but he is one of the few heroes that increase it.

He doesn’t seem to “shine” with his special, but also don’t see any negative reviews of Gregorian really,


I ascended my kadilen, and without her costume she is just “meh”.


I don’t have Gregorion, and know he’s awesome, but I DO have Zocc, and know he’s awesome, too. He’s useful especially on titans and titan-like map and event boss stages such as the end of S3, since his special is like a time-stop that you can use as soon as the enemy is over (or close to over) half their mana. He zooms them up to full mana and then mindless attack takes over and saves you a huge hit. And he’s average mana, so he recharges fairly efficiently, often in time to prevent another titan/boss attack.

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I am with @fight_happy here. Gregorion would be your best bet. Excellent against blue titans, he is also good in wars and raids. I have him since 2018, drawn as the HOTM when I was just a fledgling. Foolish of me only to ascend him late last year. I emblemed him to +8, opting for the mana node bonus so that he can fire in 9 tiles just by supporting him with a level 17 mana troop.

I still find no love for Zocc (@Homaclese would argue me for that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). I’d rather max another Hansel if mana control is what you are after. At least, Hansel is fast and cheap to ascend and emblem, that is if you have him. I hate investing tonics on a hero where there can be a cheap alternative. That is why my 2nd Evelyn is still at 3/70 as I view Almur as a viable option. I have 3 Zoccs, one at 3/70. Tried him at that level on maps and raids, and I still find him wanting. I’d rather use my 22 tonics on Ratatoskr or Lady Locke

Morgan, she is an okay hero. She sucks the life of her target for several turns at fast mana. But i’d rather have the enemy target killed than having them still a threat on the opposing side, whose lost health can be replenished by a simple healing. I don’t have her though.

Telluria is still a solid tank. But you already have Heimdall doing that job. But if you plan to ascend him, don’t emblem him on defense path. Try attack and health so she and her minions provide some “umph” to her attack capabilities. I still have mine tanking regularly in raid defense and in war defense. Its just sad not having other fun heroes to tank, i.e. Black Knight, Garnet, Freya, Bera, etc. I just don’t have a better alternative.

The Hatter may also be a viable hero to invest tonics to. His buff steal is fun to do. I dont have him or any of the legendary Wonderland heroes though.


I’ll gladly take that Evelyn off your hands and help free up your roster. :grin: I don’t have Evelyn and Almur is just a bit lacking in terms of utility. Yes the elemental defense down is great, but Eve’s dispel and that healing element link push her into a whole other tier in my mind.

Well, yeah. Evelyn is one superb utility hero. She deals damage to target and nearby dispelling whatever buff they may have as well as debuffing their defense on nature attacks. Her Element Link is great for monogreen since she provides minor heal over time. She was the first HOTM I have a dupe of obtained on her month of release as HOTM. If there was no Almur, I would have ascended her already. But since I havent gotten Almur, I may be ascending her if I dont get Kadilen’s costume, or Frigg, or Francine, or other better greens. My 3/70 Eve is teamed up with my Mother North in my second monogreen team for war where she does her functions.

I wish you good luck getting her from ToL or HA10.

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Agreed. I like Zocc, but he isn’t a massive improvement over Merlin. :thinking:

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Almur + Ratatoskr + Gregorion = Insane tile damage

On defense he is a bit “slow” (average mana) but hits hard. Putting him on defense is a gamble like Wu Kong. I have seen defense teams of alliance mates gaining or losing 200 cups over night. Both ways.


That sounds like good synergy to try out. I am curious to see!


I know some players who really love the Hatter for war teams.


Hatter just seems fun to play with also. I don’t have him but… nothing wrong with ascending a hero just cuz he is fun to play with.


The advantage of Zocc over the other mindless attack heroes is that Zocc boosts the the target 50% mana first. So you don’t have to gamble about the timing. As long as the target is at least 50% full of mana, the mindless attack is guaranteed. Again, very useful in defusing big enemy hits.

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But if you fire his special at Monks and Clerics, you have a roughly 1 in 3 chance of it totally backfiring on you since monks and withstand and clerics can manashield.


I don’t see your point why this is a specific disadvantage for Zooc over other mindless attack heroes…it holds true for everyone…Merlin, Hansel, Gretel, Alfrike.
Still Zooc is way better than Merlin.

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Hatter would help you against taunts. I’d ascend him


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