The whole idea behind the game

And this is depending on what you want. Wrong, wrong, wrong. :wink:

Ideea behind the game is known only to the creator developer; doesnt matter what I want.

P.S. Are you enjoying posting nonsense?

Begging is done by those that do not have a grip on their destiny. Or at least think they don’t. I will prove to you that every occasion you find yourself begging, also has the opportunity to grab your destiny by the balls. Let’s get started:

Begging for a better pull in portal, summoning after summoning.
Accept that HOTM are for the spenders. Instead focus on your TC20’s. Over time you will have more 5 star heroes than you have room for.

Begging for ascension mats, after hours or days or weeks of playing and filling chest.
Accept that these come in a slow trickle. Instead make sure you don’t miss a possible drop. They -will- drop, over time.

Begging for a better board at the beginning of a raid or event or titan fight.
Fix the board yourself. Focus on the puzzle! Solve the puzzle! When the board is bad, you try to drop as much tiles as possible as high up in the board. You want to color sort your tiles, and yes you definitely can make a bad board turn out great. But you will need to puzzle for that.

Begging for just a simple tile that you have stacked its color in raid to make a match, so that you can charge your hero, but game keeps throwing only missing color tiles at you.
Accept the risk of stacking colors. Realize that it is often better for you to drop 6 missing color tiles than 3 strong ones. More motion keeps the board better color sorted. Only dropping the strong color tiles also sorts the board: into one that contains only missing tiles! The golden rule of solving the puzzle is to move more tiles!

Begging for a better and fairer match-making in wars.
That has been done. The matchmaking is spot on now. You win some, you lose some, you find stronger opponents if you win often, and weaker ones if you lose often. It’s good this way. Can’t win them all, can’t lose them all, and the rest is a matter of showing up.

Final words: remember your greatest weapon to take up your destiny in this game is -patience-.


Well…….it seemed a perfect fit for your answer. :smile:

And at least my “nonsense” is supported by facts.

Like if the game were only about money there would be almost no ftp players and if you were wrong there would be a lot of ftp players.

Guess which of the two is correct ?

But of course you are right in so far, that the developers of the E&P product want to make money with it but that can be said for most working people.

You are missing the point. This is the real beauty of the raiding system. This is what allowes a 4* team to take out a 5* one. If it weren’t for the randomness of the board, the one with the stronger heroes would always win, and that would be the death of the raiding system… Nobody would raid against stronger teams, knowing for sure they are going to loose.

You are such a Grinch :rofl:
Now I know I don’t have to take you seriously; so for the last time I reply you as follows:

F2p players are making this game popular; so more spenders gather; so more money income for SG; so this is the game’s point: MONEY MONEY MONEY.

SAYONARA @Elayanith! :smile::rofl::rofl:

Well, thinking this way all the commercial projects have the same idea whether it is a book, a sculpture, a symphony or a game. :slight_smile:


Well this is sort of bad game design then if it relies heavily on gamers patience instead of designing properly. I have been playing this game since January and now finally after about 10 months, my patience has finally hit the wall. I don’t say I did not enjoy the path in this journey, but so much frustrations, so many obstacles really drive gamers away in the long run.

You may say so. Partially I agree with what you say. On the other hand, this “badly designed” game has about a million of players. Many of them play for many months, spending various sums of money. Isn’t it a goal of a commercial project?

Well their casino, their rules. That is not the point we can argue about. Although I agree with your point, but this is how they have designed their monetizing system. My argue is on those aspects that have nothing to do with the way they make money. The very same thing you said. Hiding behind RNG and not caring about their game design and their gamers. That is the huge downside of this game.

No I was not talking about loot boxes. Although the summoning mechanism is not that much different. That is also paying to find a RNG prize.

@Ian487 Same goes for high power teams losing to low power one. But I can’t see beauty in situation that I have no control. You look at the starting point and you can see you are going to lose no matter how much you know game or how hard you have found and trained heroes. That lack of control is what I am talking about. Good board or bad board! That’s the question!

You know, you are either lucky to find the hero, ascension mat, good starting board you want, or you are out of window. And from game design aspect, this huge lack of control (or at least sense of control) for gamer is frustrating, my point.

@StealthNinja I totally feel you buddy. Happened in our alliance as well. Weeks of fighting in wars, a week fighting titans and lots of stress and coordinating and crafting items and at the end, nothing. No reward for time and effort. This is another aspect of bad design. And a lot time and energy and focus wasted. And just like you I switched from C2P (Monthly VIP) to F2P since there in no fun in doing summoning or opening Atlantis ascension box. They have killed the thrill.

The leader of our alliance has been playing for 16 months and hasn’t spent a single $. And we are all having a lot of fun together playing this game. No one begs for anything.

Not having every 5 stars and having to wait to ascend your heroes doesn’t take any fun away from it, for many people. Maybe it’s just not a game for you.

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The idea behind this game is business. Nothing is wrong with that.

Oh, friend… experience taught me you are so, so wrong about that… If you only knew how many times I’ve turned what initially seemed to be an impossible board… Not to speak about a great starting board. They hold Guin in such high esteem. Give me 10 red tiles on her in the early fight (we are talking about a great staring board here) and some purple ones and all of a sudden she ain’t that though… I, long ago, lost track of the 4000+ teams I’ve blown away whit my “low power” team. Trust me, TP is the last thing that matters on the battlefield. I never am aware of my enemy’s TP. I pay attention to what heroes he has and the way they are arranged on the field.

That’s exactly how you put it. The fun aspect of game is alliances and friendships made. People in my alliance are so lovely. I myself have just payed 20$ in a year for VIP and I have my strong 5* rainbow team. Apart from alliance, other fun aspects of game finally fade and go away because gamers are stuck in constant loop of sometimes lucky and most of the times unlucky and making huge efforts and gaining no reward based on time and energy spent.

As you have surely seen, this forum is full of veterans’ goodbye posts. Of course there will always be new players who are hooked in first place. But this game offers nothing but frustration in the long run. And this decrease lifetime value of players for SG.

I surely seen such posts, but I wouldn’t say that the forum is full of them. Noone would play any game forever. You start playing, you enjoy a game for some time, then you get bored of it or you pass it all through and you quit. That is normal. It is also normal that there are people that don’t like some aspects of the game. Some of them quit silently, others want to attract community attention to themselves and express their opinion.

During the year of playing E&P I installed and deleted 5 or 6 other games. Some of them I played for a while, others were removed within 15 minutes… I don’t see any issue in this.

The game has its drawbacks and here we try to propse improvements and make it better. And the game does change.

Did you see a topic about why people play this game?

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