The whole idea behind the game

Hi everyone.
I have been playing this game since January and after months of trying and fighting and grinding, I have realised that the whole game is base on one single concept.


Just ask yourself when was the last time you were begging the game for a desired outcome. I am sure you would find plenty of situations!
Begging for a better pull in portal, summoning after summoning.
Begging for ascension mats, after hours or days or weeks of playing and filling chest.
Begging for a better board at the beginning of a raid or event or titan fight.
Begging for just a simple tile that you have stacked its color in raid to make a match, so that you can charge your hero, but game keeps throwing only missing color tiles at you.
Begging for a better and fairer match-making in wars.

I really don’t understand this amount of desire in devs to make us beg them and pay them to beg them!
This really strips this game of any depth and strategy when the whole game is just a huge RNG.

Take raids for example. You choose an enemy to raid. Then you choose your team lineup and go in. BAAM! you lose! At best you might have killed the tank even if she is a single 4* hero. You rematch and this time, you kill all of them and you lose none of your heroes. Your team is the same. Enemy team is the same. So what happened? Nothing! Just randomness of board! So where is the strategy? Where is thinking and planning? They have very little space in this game.

That is why I find myself facing this question: Have these devs ever played their own game? Have they ever faced frustration that comes from huge amount of time of trying and playing and fighting and grinding and at the end getting nothing? I’m not talking about summons or ascension drop rates. This is their business model and that is totally respectful. What I am talking about is the respect they don’t have for the time and efforts of a player. How long are they going to hide behind RNG? Where is their game designer? To design the game so that players have objectives, so that they feel they are in control, so that they work towards their objectives with skills and strategy. Not just begging the game to give them better tiles.

Game is so fun at the beginning. But as freshness of game wears out, sadly, the only aspect of game that remains fun is alliances and the friendships. The rest is just a huge effort to fight the frustration of game logic (pure randomness) to fight another day.


I am afraid I don’t see your point… what is with the ‘begging’? Begging doesn’t get you anywhere - nobody hears your begging and it would not make a difference anyway.
Contrary to your point is that some players are successful in the game, despite the randomness, the RNG, the grinding. Maybe because of the grinding. This is not an instant gratification game. You have to make an effort to get better at the strategy. It is easy to learn the game, but it take time to master.

I don’t know at which level you are in the game - maybe you are trying to raid above your level. Maybe you don’t truly understand the specials of the heroes. This is not said to discredit you in any way. I have encountered several players - that have been playing the game for over a year - that still did not understand basic strategy of choosing heroes for raids and titans.

Is your alliance helping you to get better, make better choices for raids and titans? If not, you might want to look around for a different alliance, that will coach you and help you progress.
The forum is also full of good advice on raiding and all other aspects of the game.

I hope you take the time to find it and wish you all success in your endeavours.


There is DEFINITELY a huge element of randomness!

But also a lot of strategy. One way to demonstrate it is to see if you can improve on the auto-play feature

Or try a challenge like this to see if you can compete with the results of other players:

One Man Army challenge

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Thank you @Witch for your reply.
You are right. Begging doesn’t take us anywhere. But what else can we do? Except hoping and praying for a better luck in next raid/fight/summon/event/chest? Nothing! There is nothing we can do and that is sad.
As I said I have been playing for almost a year and I have seen this game ups and downs. And that is the exact point! There is no mastery in this game if you are not lucky. I am level 48 and my cups range is about 2500. I am leader of my own alliance with some super cool guys from all over the world. And that friendship between us has been the main reason that I am still in this game.

Thank you for guide and help.

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Hi @JonahTheBard
Thank you for your reply.

Yeah I try to do these activities. Sometimes I try to raid with weird setup! Experimenting with various abilities and combination. They are fun for the moment, But in the long run…I don’t think so.

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Well, life is full of seasons and hobbies come and go.

I hope you find something else when this game has run it’s course, although it’s sad to break away from the friends we’ve made :slight_smile:

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Indeed. Making friends here and in all games is the best experience in games we play. I do hope that SG can come up with solution to make this game fun once more.

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Well, if it is a game of “something”, then it is a game of PATIENCE!
You must be very patient to wait weeks for your buildings to get ready, months for good heroes to summon or train, months to collect ascension items to max your teams etc. You must be also patient dealing with board layouts and trying so something good with a bad tiles.
But if you are here after all, your patience has been eventually rewarded and you enjoy the game. :wink:

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I agree with almost everything you said except for one little thing. You said their business model was totally respectable, I must disagree there. When several countries, states, counties, regions, etc… have either banned, restricted or are currently in the process of passing legislation to ban or restrict their current business model, I’m not sure I call that respectable. This game is a blatant money grab. A shady, sleazy, sneaky, underhanded, misleading, not telling the whole truth, (insert your favorite insult), game where the devs take in the money and hide behind RNG for every complaint. That is why there is not one single aspect of this game that is not random.

I suppose your referring to loot boxes?

They do not exist in this game under the definition of “loot box.”

You purchase gems for a chance at things. How you use the gems you purchase is at you disposal. Many topics on this…

SGG now publishes the odds of all loot boxes, which conforms to all current laws, as I understand it.

They technically aren’t loot boxes as I understand the definition. Because you aren’t paying for them with money. You purchase or collect gems to use in said “loot boxes.”

I assume that when the OP says there’s no strategy in the game that it was an exaggeration. As certainly as there is room for strategy in this game there are also occasions where all strategy is completely negated by rng. I’ve had raids where I unknowingly triggered an epic combo that ended the match and sucked all the fun out of trying to engineer a win and I’ve had some where it’s impossible to win with the tiles given. Those occurrences where you can’t change the outcome take the fun out of the game, because at that point you’re not playing a game anymore, you’re just watching it play out in front of you.


There is a huge difference between a simple, bare minimum compliance to the current laws and being respectable.

Today we lost long standing members , high levels who just got tired of it all. And another is almost there. Today’s war chest was the catalist, although one of them was tired, as he had 3 tc 20 running and not a 5* in 6 months. Another has not had an unfarmable ascension mat from titans or chests for ages, despite 10* titans. And so forth. I believe the rng changed dramatically since they started to be sold. And it is out of hand, last days could not log in without all sort of offers jumping at me


For me, the game is more enjoyable when I don’t spend money on it… that is the root of the problem. I don’t feel as bad if I don’t get a non farmable ascension item or 5* hero. The game is a bit more boring, but at least I don’t feel like I wasted all my gems/money just for feeder heroes.


I have to agree on the banner attack.

Elemental summon pop up. Ok, close.
Black friday. I already saw it, thanks. Close.
Atlantis. Meh, ok. Closed too.
Scarlet aka red offer.

Dude, are you kidding me?
Can i see my fortress please?

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And a fair number of them (not all) are because they spend like crazy, or have been uncommonly lucky.

Doesn’t take time as much as it takes money.


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