The Who got Attacked over and over in the Tournament thread

Please combine if there is a thread on this already.

I’m curious since all I’ve seen is people saying they won 20/20 and didn’t get attacked at all.

I missed the first day (Hut ski trip no service) but my 3500 defense didn’t get hit and I won 15/20 against 2200-2500 teams.

Where are all the people that must have gotten attacked 20+ times and got beat every time to make up for all the wins and no defense attacks.

Do they not comment on this forum?

My alternate account got attacked several hundred times. It’s defense team is just under 3k.


Interesting, I’m pretty sure I didn’t attack you I didn’t see any teams above 3000.

Probably to this thread


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@Wad I’ve seen a couple people mention getting attacked many times, but it does seem like very few teams got attacked a ton, and most didn’t get attacked at all.

@princess1 I think there are some mentions of people getting attacked a lot in that bug thread, but the premise of seeing if people who got attacked a ton will comment here is interesting.

If this thread manages to attract frequently attacked players to post and share info, it’ll be useful as a freestanding thread. If it turns into thread number 20-something with people talking about the broken matchmaking and not getting attacked, then I’ll Merge or close it.

But let’s give it a shot for a bit first. :slight_smile:


My main (TP of over 3400) attacked zero times
My alt (TP of 2761) attacked 29 times (one more and I wouldn’t know the exact number, since it only displays the last 30)

Side note…there were MANY more attacks after my alt was eliminated from the tourney…I wonder if this is true for everyone?


I’ve slowed down a lot, but yesterday they were coming in around 10-20 an hour.


Yeah I got attacked probably a 100 times in the last 24 hours. Didn’t get attacked for almost 3 days, and then full on massacre :stuck_out_tongue:


Got 202 points for eliminating 26xx and 324 for 23xx. Sth went wrong with this 1st raid tour.

The attack post on your team defense states that it only shows the most recent 30 battles. I’ve been attacked at least 30 times in the last 4 hours. It appears that my defense team is doing about 50/50 in the battles.

I don’t know if this helps but I did win 20/20 of my battles. My defense team is 3190


Highest defense team I faced in the tournament was 3260 - which is quite a bit higher than anyone else in my alliance reported seeing.

My own 3410 defense didn’t get attacked even once.


20 wins here as well, didn’t get attacked at all.

The defending teams and the cups I got from them:

power cups
1494 300
2317 314
2506 297
2335 300
2529 228
2291 238
2642 306
2531 296
2750 329
2788 346
2866 267
2820 298
2936 277
2332 202
3060 289
2704 223
2639 202
2585 251
3220 274
2816 204

Never got attached once

your cups from defending teams looks really out of sorts to me since you gained the highest cups from the weakest defense teams. that’s the total opposite of my experience with it. the closer the team was to my size, the more cups i was earning.

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I personally never got attacked at all (fielded a ~3600 tp team). One of my alliance mates said she was attacked a ton, and another alliance mate who was an irl friend showed me his attack log and added on “And that’s just the last 30. I probably got attacked like 90 times.”

He had an E defense rating.

Looks to me like the cups do not directly depend on the defense team’s power. Maybe it’s the difference in cups from attacker and defender.

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I thought the cups you earned depended entirely on the defending team’s past performance. If it won more it was worth more, if it lost more it was worth less.

I have 2 a accounts, 1 went 19/20 and the other 17/20. Neither was attacked.