The White Sands of Time is Recruiting....Looking for Active Members

The White Sands of Time is a new Alliance consisting of veteran players who desired to branch out on their own. We’re active adult players looking for new members, be it veteran, experienced or new players.

Our requirements are:
* We are a No drama alliance.
* Be active…We do understand RL happens and simply notifying the Leadership Team of being absent will suffice.
* Participation in daily hits on Titan battles and use of all flags during Alliance Wars when opted-in.
* The Alliance does have LINE for members use to discuss strategies, ask questions or simply chat. The LINE app is highly recommended, but if you prefer just to use the games chat, thats great.
* Simply, enjoy the game the way its supposed to be.

The Alliance’s helpful Leadership Team is more than willing to assist members in their goal of team building and setup, hero growth and provide answers to your questions and will research any questions that we are unable to answer right away and as the alliance grows, we welcome and encourage members in sharing information, their experiences and expertise.

Thank You for considering “The White Sands of Time Alliance” for your next journey!!

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Looking for a fresh start or a new alliance?
Don’t be shy come on over!

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Are you interested but want to know more? Please send a message to Line ID: shadowmermaid0606 looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

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Still have openings for anyone that is interested:smile: if you have any questions please don’t be shy

Still have openings :slight_smile: would love to have you

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