The Welsh Dragon has spots available for 1600+ trophies / 3000+ team daily players. We are fighting 7-8* titans. Wars are optional but regular participation is encouraged

A group in their 30s and 40s, who play often but not too competitively, are looking for like-minded daily players to join our 2.5 years’ alliance for the long term.

If you have 1,600+ trophies/3,000+ team and prefer stable stress-free environment focussed on steady gradual development – welcome! Our experienced players readily offer help, support and advice to anyone joining.

We are fighting 7-8* titans, wars are optional, yet using all 6 flags is a must if you opt in (Green tank).

Discord is used for more extensive communications and useful references sharing as an out-of-the-game chat.

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Hope you are still going strong.

Yes we are thanks man, still having fun! Hope you’re well

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