The Weak and the Poor

The game is all about leveling heroes to become stronger and stronger.

But what about some fun with the weakest?

This topic is dedicatet to our beloved hero fodder, especially 1*. Remember the days you started with Derric and dudes. How upset for a 2* or even a 3*.

So let’s have some fun with those again and get rid of all the struggling for cups, mats and better heroes…

First let me show you a funny pic.

They told me meeting famous heroes was their greatest wish. Momentarily there’s a chance to meet Gretel in the Grimmforest and here we go, I said.

At least two had the possibility of a meet and greet, but Gretel seems to be a snooty and had no mercy… :wink:

We owe them all we are in the game, so let’s spend them some glory. :sparkles:


Can’t believe you didn’t continue that for 75 gems. You were so close!